Could we finally see the Splinter Cell Remake this June?

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Ubisoft Forward has been confirmed to be happening this June 10 live from Los Angeles with news on upcoming releases and updates on current games. A highly anticipated game from Ubisoft is the Splinter Cell Remake that has been in development, but Ubisoft Toronto hasn’t shared an update since 2022 when they showed us some concept art.

It’s quite possible one of the games that will be showcased at Ubisoft Forward will be Splinter Cell Remake and there is reason for us to believe that.

It’s interesting to see the day after Ubisoft Forward was announced, Ubisoft Toronto updated its branding on social media to be themed after Splinter Cell.

It has been a long time coming to see more about the new and improved Splinter Cell after its announcement in 2021 when it was confirmed to be using the Ubisoft Snowdrop Engine.

In 2018, Rectify Gaming exclusively reported that Microsoft would have marketing rights for multiple games at the time including a new Splinter Cell. It remains to be seen if this remake will actually have Xbox marketing, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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