Palworld Anubis: How to Find and Catch the Anubis Pal, and its stats and abilities

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Palworld Anubis: How to Find and Catch the Anubis Pal, and its stats and abilities

Palworld is a game where you explore a world filled with creatures called Pals. These Pals can help you gather stuff or even join you in battles. Some Pals are easy to catch, but there’s one called Anubis that’s super tough. It’s like a desert guardian and catching it needs a lot of planning and trying again and again. If you’re having trouble getting Palworld Anubis Pal, we’ve got some tips to help you out.

Palworld Anubis Pal Stats and Abilities

Anubis is a tough Ground Pal in Palworld. It has strong health, attack, and defense. Anubis is especially good against Electric enemies and can use a special move called Sand Blast, which throws sticky, blinding mud. Anubis can also learn a Fire move called Ignis Blast.

What makes Palworld Anubis Pal super valuable are its traits:

  • It belongs to the Ground type, making it strong against Electric enemies.
  • It has high HP, attack power, and defense, making it durable in battles.
  • The signature move, Sand Blast, hurls mud that can stick to and blind opponents.
  • It can also learn Ignis Blast, a potent Fire move.
  • When caught, Anubis drops rare items like Bones, Large Pal Soul, and manuals.
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Where to Find Palworld Anubis Pal?

Anubis is only found in one place on the map—the Twilight Dunes, which is a desert area.

Make sure you wear the right clothes for the climate. It gets extremely hot during the day and cold at night, like most deserts. You’ll need to change your clothes accordingly.

There’s no Fast Travel point in the area. The closest points are the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant and Investigator’s Fork. Once you reach these spots, your only choice is to travel to the desert region.

How to Get Palworld Anubis Pal?

To get Anubis in Palworld, you have two options: breeding or completing a boss fight.

  • For breeding, make a cake using two honey and a flower obtained by grinding wheat. Then, have one male and one female of each Pal, either two low-level bosses or different Pals, to initiate the breeding.
  • In boss fights, stand near soldiers during the fight and wait for AOE attacks to aggro them. After defeating the boss, you can capture Anubis.
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Both methods require patience, so choose the one that suits your playstyle.

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