Wild Rift Kalista Counters: Tips and Tricks

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Wild Rift Kalista Counters: Tips and Tricks
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Kalista, the Spear of Vengeance, stands out as a truly unique marksman. The game’s controls unlock her full potential, that’s why you need the best Wild Rift Kalista Counters.

Her high mobility lets her dance around fights, while her ultimate offers a game-changing ability to save allies or reposition them into the heart of the enemy team.

However, this guide will equip you with the knowledge of the best Wild Rift Kalista counters.  We’ll reveal the best champion picks, item builds, and strategies to shut down the Spear of Vengeance and claim victory.

Introduction to Kalista

Kalista is a ranged champion commonly played in Dragon Lane. Her kit is quite different from other marksmen, allowing her to move between her basic attacks.

Her unique ability to kite enemies while stacking spears for her Rend ability allows her to control the battlefield and secure objectives with precision.

At the beginning of each match, Kalista can designate an allied champion as her Oathsworn. As long as Kalista remains within range, her ultimate ability allows her to yank her partner towards her at any moment. This ally can then propel themself in a chosen direction, knocking up any enemies they collide with along the way.

His kit is complex and powerful, but it still has weaknesses against some types of champions.

Best Champions to Counter Kalista in Wild Rift

Countering Kalista requires champions that can disrupt her mobility, reduce her attack speed or win fast trades against her. 


Nilah excels at sticking by Kalista’s side during aggressive plays. You can initiate the fight with her gap closer, allowing her to utilize her shield and block Kalista’s incoming spears. To further lockdown Kalista’s target, unleash Nilah’s ultimate, effectively preventing escape attempts. If needed, Nilah can even reactivate her gap closer to stay on top of the enemy.


Lucian is a marksman known for his devastating burst damage thanks to his synergistic abilities and passive. Start the fight with dash for quick basic attacks.  Following up with his first ability and weaving in more basic attacks maximizes his damage output before Kalista can react. Save your ultimate to secure a takedown on a low-health enemy.

Wild Rift Kalista Counters Lucian


Ashe excels at countering Kalista’s mobility with her potent slow and crowd-control abilities. In the laning phase, Ashe can harass Kalista with Volley. Once Ashe unlocks her ultimate, a well-coordinated attack with your support champion can easily lock down Kalista.

Wild Rift Kalista Counters Ashe

In the support role, Morgana, Sona, Nautilus, Lulu, and Blitzcrank can use their crowd control abilities to catch and neutralize Kalista quickly.

Best Items to Counter Kalista in Wild Rift

If you are playing in lane against Kalista, the best option is to put together your best marksman build. If you are the support, there are some more specific items that might help.

The best Wild Rift Kalista Counters must prioritize building items that can mitigate her damage output and hinder her mobility and attack speed. Here are some particularly effective options:

  • Plated Steelcaps: These boots enhance your physical defense, making you more resilient against Kalista’s physical attacks.
  • Thornmail: This armor not only bolsters your physical defense but also inflicts Grievous Wounds on Kalista whenever she attacks you, reducing her healing effectiveness.
  • Frozen Heart: This item reduces Kalista’s attack speed significantly, making it harder for her to stack her passive and deal consistent damage.
  • Randuin’s Omen: This powerful armor grants a critical hit chance reduction, helping you survive Kalista’s late-game burst potential.

By incorporating these items into your build, you’ll gain a significant advantage against Kalista and make her teamfights much more challenging for her.

Best Strategies to Counter Kalista in Wild Rift

  • Cripple her mobility and attack speed: Focus on champions with stuns and crowd control (CC), but wait to use them after her basic attacks for maximum impact.
  • Bring the burst: Assassin champions can eliminate Kalista quickly before she deals sustained damage.
  • Focus fire: Prioritize Kalista in teamfights to shut down her high attack damage and attack speed.
  • Itemize against her: Build armor penetration (Black Cleaver, Lord Dominik’s Regards), and consider attack speed slows (Frozen Heart) and Grievous Wounds (Thornmail) to further hinder her.

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Kalista is a champion with high mobility and the potential to dominate the late game. However, with the right champions, items, and strategies, one can effectively counter her strengths and turn the tides of battle. 

By focusing on impairing her mobility and attack speed, and by employing champions with strong crowd control abilities, players can mitigate the threat posed by The Spear of Vengeance and secure victory in Wild Rift.

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