What Is The Green Rain In Stardew Valley

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Players are wondering just what the Green Rain in Stardew Valley does.

Stardew 1.6 update has added this along with a ton of new features.

But lets take a closer look at the rain and whether we should worry about the geir counter!

Green Rain, Stardew Valley

So the Gree Rain in Stardew Valley is nothing to worry about. In fact, it grants our seeds some bonuses as well as spawns new trees.

Green Rain Stardew Valley

This weather effect can randomly occur anytime during the summer. So if your screen turns green, dont worry; thats just the rain kicking in.

It has the same effect as normal rain, except for a few changes.

Although it did not happen before, now wild trees and weeds will appear in mass. However, these weeds will spawn without breaking anything.

Existing tree saplings that are outside the greenhouse may grow fully. Even if you just planted the sapling a day ago, theres a good chance it just instantly grew thanks to the rain.

However, fully grown trees may turn into wild trees, creating moss for the day. But do not concern yourself because tomorrow it will all turn back to tomorrow.

This also goes for any weeds grown by the rain, so do not spend time cutting them down. Instead, explore the town and chat with NPCs.

They will also have new dialogue concerning the grey rain and its effects.

Oh, and all TV channels will show green static, so getting the weather forecast for tomorrow is out of the question. Also the Fortune channel if you actually tune into that!

Green Rain Stardew Valley

This rain also spawns wild root ferns, which players can cut down for curled branches. These can be used in crafting and design.

Apart from this, the green rain is more of a fun bonus event than anything important. But it could ruin some peoples plans, depending on their strategy.

Acid Rain Yum Yum

This new event has sparked some talking points with the community. Some take it as the developers making a comment on the nuclear industry or just how we treat the environment in general.

With certain characters wearing hazmat suits and the implication of radiation, it makes sense how players come to that. But overall, the tone and delivery of the event come across as a bit of lighthearted fun.

Some of the villagers talk doom and gloom given the circumstances, which is a bit jarring given the cute farm game and all. But there is nothing to write a creepypasta about, and honestly, if the event disturbs you, then I recommend the Russian arthouse film Stalker. Although mind that mostly discusses other topicsbeing mainly faith but the overtones are all over.

Also, play the games while you are at it, because those are great too. Now that has something to say about just about everything. What am I kidding? Most players wont get past the 10-minute mark!

This is more of a comment as a whole, but seeing players overreact to the event is just kind of cringeworthy. The event is great and all, but some players give me the vibe that they have never seen a Mario creepypasta in their lives.

My brother in Christ, you are scared by a Pixel Farm game. Please fix that!

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