New Tempest Class Introduced to Diablo Immortal

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It’s time to weather the storm in Diablo Immortal with the Tempest—the eighth class making its way into Sanctuary! Starting May 23rd, players can make waves through Sanctuary with this dynamic new class.

The Tempests, a revered order of warrior-priests, epitomize mastery over the elements of wind and water. Their prowess is marked by unmatched agility, the summoning of ethereal Zephyrs, and a versatile combat style that seamlessly blends melee and ranged techniques. Exiled from a storm-ravaged colony, these devout guardians of Sanctuary bear a profound connection to the tempestuous lands from which they originate, shaping them into formidable protectors.

One of the Tempests’ distinctive abilities lies in their capacity to summon ephemeral Zephyrs, ethereal entities that emulate the Tempest’s own skills in battle. Unlike traditional minion-based classes, where summoned allies persist until slain, the Tempests’ projections operate on a cooldown basis, granting them greater flexibility and adaptability on the battlefield.

Venturing northward from the Dreadlands, players will immerse themselves in the lore of the Tempests as they embark on a perilous mission to salvage an island besieged by encroaching mists. Against the backdrop of the storm-battered empire of Pelghain, players will assume the mantle of Tempest warriors, driven by a quest for salvation amidst the ceaseless tempests.

In combat, the Tempests exhibit unparalleled fluidity, wielding a diverse arsenal of elemental skills to vanquish their foes. From swift melee strikes to precise ranged attacks with knife-tipped water-whips, their repertoire includes devastating area-of-effect assaults and the summoning of Zephyrs to augment their offensive capabilities.

Beyond the realm of the Tempests, significant gameplay enhancements await adventurers. The Paragon System undergoes a comprehensive overhaul, offering players a more intuitive and customizable experience. With the consolidation of skill trees and the freedom to select from a broader array of abilities, players are empowered to craft their characters according to their unique playstyles and preferences.

Will you join their ranks, or stand in solidarity with them?

Catch your first glimpse at the Tempest in the newest cinematic trailer below, and become the storm on May 23.

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