Hades II Makes Its Surprise Early Access Debut

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Be it current news or game releases in general, this May has somehow become an incredibly chaotic month for video games. And in the middle of all that chaos, yesterday saw Supergiant Games just suddenly release Hades II in early access. First announced at the end of 2022, the game’s announcement came as a shock to many, not just because nobody expected a sequel to what has arguably been the legendary studio’s biggest hit so soon, but also because it would be the first sequel to any of the developer’s games, period. And even with a Technical Test for the game last month, the sudden Early Access launch shocked many as well, likely because the shadow drop just felt so casual. But here it is now, and rather unsurprisingly, the game has already racked up tons of positive reception from players in just a day, already hitting the “Overwhelmingly Postive” mark on Steam as of the time of writing.

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