Breaking out the Farming Mech with Lightyear Frontier Early Access Launch

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Lightyear Frontier is a first-person farming game where the tractor is a twenty-foot-tall mech.

Key Takeaways

  • Lightyear Frontier offers a unique concept of using a giant mech for farming in a peaceful, threat-free planet.
  • Explore new biomes, uncover resources, and build a settlement with buildings and machines in this epic farming game.
  • Early Access version of the game is already solid with a relaxing gameplay experience, promising more content in the future.

Somewhere out there in the universe there’s bound to be another planet humans can live on. When the odds are billions to one against, there’s probably going to be a couple orbiting the trillions of stars in the known universe if we can only find them. With Earth functionally broken humanity looked to the stars for a new home until, for unknown reasons, calling the whole project off, but not before at least one probe hit paydirt. After enough time had passed, a few hundred years of no contact, the probe gave up on anyone ever following its beacon until a lone human showed up, crashing to the surface with a battle-mech that’s been repurposed as a farming tool. Whatever is going on back at the home planet is no longer your problem, with its dangers now in the past and a peaceful, threat-free planet making for a lovely little homestead.

Lightyear Frontier is a first-person farming game where the tractor is a twenty-foot-tall mech, armed with a set of five tools that were very clearly weapons in their initial design. The combination chisel/blade breaks up rocks and saws down trees with equal efficiency, a vacuum sucks up the resources, and three types of guns distribute water and seeds where needed. While it doesn’t take long to stumble across an alien ruin there are no buildings or other conveniences on the planet’s surface, and seeing as the ruins have obviously existed for centuries they can wait while you construct a small settlement. A tent to sleep in, a shed to hold machines, and a few beds of soil to grow various plants makes for a good start, but seeing as there’s no hunger or thirst meter you can also go exploring if that seems more interesting. It may not be a giant planet quite yet but there’s certainly enough out there to warrant a little investigation, with new biomes holding new secrets and resources to uncover.



Building the Farming Homestead in a Giant Mech in the Lightyear Frontier Demo

While there are hints that things are bad elsewhere in Lightyear Frontier’s universe, it’s all about kicking back to enjoy your new planet.

After a successful demo last year Lightyear Frontier released into Early Access today, making the farming life a little more epic thanks to its big stompy mech-suit. The current version of the game already feels solid, with a good-sized map to wander about plus a number of buildings and machines to bring the farm to life. I’ve only gotten to play a little of the full game so far but it’s been pleasantly relaxing, poking about the world and gathering up resources to start the home base while uncovering a secret or two. The demo from last year is still available if you’re curious, and has a good several hours of gameplay to get a satisfying start to the homestead, and if that’s not enough there’s a launch trailer as well. The Early Access plans call for a lot more Lightyear Frontier to come in its estimated eighteen months Early Access, but today’s version feels like a great start to the peaceful mech-assisted farming life.

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