Mastering Raids: A Comprehensive Destiny 2 Guide

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Destiny 2 raids are an exhilarating yet challenging experience for gaming enthusiasts. These raids are the pinnacle of the endgame content in Destiny 2, where a team of six players work together to claim coveted rewards. The raids demand teamwork, communication, coordination, and precise execution to overcome other formidable teams and bosses.

This article will discuss what raids are and offer a comprehensive guide to mastering this unique and highly rewarding experience in the game.

Destiny 2 raids overview

Raids are among the most captivating and challenging activities in Destiny 2. But while they are designed to be extremely challenging, they offer the best rewards, such as exclusive weapons, armor, and cosmetics.

Unlike other strike activities in the game, raids dont handhold players through their mechanics. Instead, the raids are divided into multiple encounters. Each of these encounters has unique mechanics and challenges.

The players must complete these challenges to progress. The challenges include completing puzzles, defeating enemies, and completing objectives before progressing in the raid. The raids culminate in a final boss fight against a powerful enemy.

Recommended power levels

Every raid in Destiny 2 has an associated recommended power level. Your Guardians power level is the average level of the equippable gear and determines how much damage you can take before dying or inflict on your enemy.

Being below the power levels can make the challenges exceedingly difficult to complete. Moreover, enemies can use their power levels to inflict more damage on your Guardian. All Guardians start with a level of 1600. You can then play through the game and collect rewards to level up. Alternatively, you can get a Destiny 2 boost to level up much faster and compete in the advanced encounters of the game.

Heres a breakdown of the power levels in Destiny 2 raids:

  • 1600 (Starting level): When you join Destiny 2, your Guardian is assigned this power level. This is a beginners level, and you cant compete in powerful raids.
  • 1750 (Soft cap): You can reach this level by playing the game. Everything you do here will help increase your power level, hence the name soft cap.
  • 1800 (Hard cap): To reach this level, you need a very powerful gear. Additionally, you can only level up by completing activities that grant the power of pinnacle gear. You can complete eight vendor bounties, three dares of Eternity Runs, Prime and Exotic Engrams.
  • 1810 (Pinnacle cap): This cap is the highest power level in Destiny 2 raids. You can only reach this level by collecting pinnacle rewards, such as three Gambit matches, three Crucible matches, a 200,000 Nightfall score, and a 250,000 score on Dares of Eternity.

While its possible to participate in many activities with low power levels, it could be a disadvantage if the enemy has more power than you. If you want to tackle endgame activities, accumulate as much power as possible.

Raid preparation

As mentioned before, raids in Destiny 2 are intense and, hence, require adequate preparation. While its possible to get Destiny 2 raid carry services to help you team up with pro players to execute the raids faster, you should still be prepared for smoother progression and better teamwork and improve your game. Some of the important things you should master when preparing for a raid include the following:

Classes and subclasses

Destiny 2 raids have different classes and subclasses with different strengths and weaknesses. Each category has different abilities that give them a role in a raiding team. Therefore, when preparing for a raid, you should choose a class and subclass that can benefit your team. The three classes are the following:

  • Titans: They are the front-line defenders and powerhouses. They are very tanky, so they are good at absorbing damage from the enemy. Their abilities, such as Banner Shield and Ward of Dawn, can be used to protect and support the team.
  • Hunters: They are the most versatile group in Destiny 2 raids due to their abilities to support the group and damage the enemies. They are also very agile and elusive, making them effective around the battlefield. Moreover, theyre sharpshooters and crowd controllers. Nightwalkers, for example, can tether and suppress a large group of enemies.
  • Warlocks: They have various supporting abilities, such as Well of Radiance and Empowering Rift. These abilities enable teammates to heal and boost their damage. They can also provide damage through subclass traits, like the Voidwalkers Nova Bomb, which can deliver instant damage.

Under these classes, there are five subclasses with different traits. The subclasses are Arc, Solar, Void, Stasis, and Strand. These subclasses have verbs that describe what can be done to you, your allies, or your opponents.

Loadouts and gear

The weapons and armor you have in your raids can significantly determine the outcomes of the game. Here are some general pointers on what to have:

  • Weapons: Your team should have a balance of primary weapons for general add clearing, secondary weapons for advanced levels, and heavy weapons for boss phase damage.
  • Armor: Your armor should have exotic perks such as super energy replenishing when going for longer battles.
  • Infusion and power level: Your gear should be infused to a competitive power level to take and inflict damage.

Having well-equipped gear and weapons will make your raids more successful. You can complete challenges and scale your power level much faster.

Know your role

Once you have your class and subclass and have chosen your gear, you must understand and perform your role. As roles may vary from one subclass to the other, you should understand the game mechanics and how your class and subclass can help your team progress.

Before starting any encounter, ensure you communicate with your team. Discuss strategies and assign roles to perform effectively as a team.

Raid mechanics

The raid mechanics in Destiny 2 are different from other games. In other games, prompts may be provided. However, here, players need to solve puzzles as a team before completing one encounter and moving to the next.

The mechanics can vary widely from simple tasks, like standing on plates in a specific order, to more complex tasks. For example, the Last Wish raid introduced navigating the ethereal Ascendant Plane, while the Leviathan raid had the spore-carrying mechanic.

Loots and rewards

One thing that makes the raids an exhilarating experience is the unique loot and rewards, some of which are exclusive to raids. When you complete a raid encounter, you can get rewards such as armor, gear, and upgrade materials.

Additionally, the raids contain exotic quests where you can win unique exotic weapons or pieces of gear. These gear and weapons are potent, making them perfect for the endgame boss phase.

Raid breakdowns and key encounters

Each raid in Destiny 2 has its set of mechanics, lore, and environment. These raids have beautiful stories and push players abilities to their limits. Here are some of the top encounters:

Last Wish raid

The Last Wish raid is the first raid included in Forsaken. Its one of the most challenging raids where players must dive into the Dreaming City and slay the beast Ahamkara, who awaits at the end of the campaign. It requires several weeks to prepare due to its complexity and length. The key encounters are Kalli the Corrupted, Shuro Chi, Morgeth, the Vault, Riven of a Thousand Voices, and the Heart of the Riven.

Garden of Salvation raid

This raid is set on Mars but accessed via the moon, where players have to go to the black garden to take down an ancient evil. Its a short raid but promises a very challenging encounter, making it one of the most complicated raids in Destiny 2.

The encounters in this raid include the Consecrated & Sanctified Mind. The challenge in these encounters is slightly higher due to the forced division of your team and the endurance needed.

Deep Stone Crypt raid

This raid is set on Europas icy expanse. It unveils the birthplace of the Exo. Guardians contend with Atraks-1 in a space-to-ground encounter. It has very few mechanics that may make the first attempts difficult.

The encounters in this raid are Entry, Atraks-1, and Taniks, the Abomination. Players use a unique mechanic that involves transferring buffs.

Vault of Glass raid

The Vault of Glass raid is set on the Vex time machine. The machine will take Guardians back into the Vex timeline, where they encounter challenges such as the Confluxes, Templar, Gate Keeper, and Atheon, Times Conflux (the final boss phase).

Vow of the Disciple raid

This raid tests the players adaptability by introducing new mechanics. Guardians must complete challenges focused on the corruption, where they come across familiar and mysterious foes. Usually, it culminates in more powerful, enigmatic enemies.

Kings Fall raid

In this raid, Guardians enter the Oryxs Ascendant Realm, where they face the taken King. The raid is one of the longest and most complex encounters in Destiny 2. However, it has powerful weapons, unique rewards, and deep mechanics. It has a total of eight encounters and five bosses. The encounters include the Hall of Souls, the Crux and Portico, the Warpriest, Golgoroths Cellar & Boss Fight, Transept, and Confronting Oryx and his Daughters.

Root of Nightmare raid

This is a new raid added to Destiny 2, where players have to face Nezarec, the Final God of Pain. The game is complex, and you need to have a power level of at least 1770. The raid has four encounters: Cataclysm, Scission, ZoAurc, and Nezarec. By completing these encounters, you fight and defeat nightmares.

Crotas End raid

This raid occurs on the moon, where Guardians fight Crota, Son of Oryx, as they collect end raid race items. Its notable for its Swordbearer mechanic, where players use a massive sword to deal damage to Crota himself. The dark, claustrophobic tunnels create a tense atmosphere, making the raids progression intense and satisfying.

Advanced raiding techniques

Over the course of the raids, you transition from surviving the games to mastering them. Advanced techniques involve mastering the mechanics of the game and the environment, making the best of class abilities, and developing optimal strategies.

Tips for new raiders

For new raiders, the mechanisms and the encounters in Destiny 2 raids can be challenging. However, here are some tips to make the raids more manageable:

  1. Master your class: The first step for going on your raid is mastering the classes and subclasses available. Know the verbs and traits of each subclass to understand how youll help your team.
  2. Study the raid: Each raid comes with different encounters and mechanisms. Studying each raid helps you understand what needs to be done, the gear needed, and the power level to complete the challenge.
  3. Invest in your loadout: A well-packed loadout can significantly boost your raid outcomes. Therefore, look at perks and stats as you accumulate gears and weapons.

These tips can help you master the game much faster. But most importantly, be patient and willing to learn from experienced raiders.


Destiny 2 raids are complicated and lengthy, requiring practice, teamwork, good communication, and preparations. But its such challenges that make the raids exciting. Completing the phases and winning the boss phase is a feeling each gamer yearns for. By understanding the raids and learning from others, you can easily master the raids.


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