Halo Infinite Campaign development “ruined” by former 343 Industries leadership, claims new report

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New reports have claimed that Halo Infinite Campaign’s development was “ruined” by former 343 Industries leadership.

Halo Infinite Campaign development “ruined” by former 343 Industries leadership, claims new report

Halo Infinite is one of the longest-running games in the series. However, there have been numerous rumors surrounding the Halo Infinite campaign, with some claiming that it was in development, while a few insiders completely deny the fact that it even existed in the first place.

Now adding to all this, a famous content creator Rebs Gaming, who is well-known for covering news about the Halo series, has claimed that 343 Industries, the company behind Halo Infinite, is one to be blamed for “ruining” the Halo Infinite campaign.

According to his exclusive video report on his YouTube channel, Rebs Gaming alleged that 343 Industries, the developer of Halo Infinite, played the most important role in the campaign’s downfall. He said that the campaign development team of the game was exhausted since they were put in a “box” without studio cooperation.

He further went on to claim that the 343 Industries leadership didn’t play the campaign during internal testing days through “days of play” and eventually canceled it, cutting off the campaign team’s access to feedback loops and other support meetings.

Halo Infinite's season 5 (7)

Moreover, the Halo Infinite Campaign didn’t receive any external focus testing unlike previous campaigns, which further infuriated the team. The executives didn’t even ask for campaign feedback until months before the game shipped.

Furthermore, Rebs Gaming claimed that the leadership neglected to engage with the campaign during internal testing, thereby cutting off crucial feedback channels. This lack of communication extended to external focus testing, causing frustration among the team members.

The lack of cooperation and lack of justification for poor choices made by the Halo Infinite Campaign team made pre-existing problems worse. The campaign staff, tired and anxious, tried to raise spirits with week-long hackathons, which produced interesting prototypes such as “Starfighter.” However, even the team morale dropped when leadership called off hackathons and trashed away prototypes, further demoralizing the team.

As for the source’s credibility, Rebs Gamiing has a huge fan base on Twitter and has also revealed multiple release dates for Halo’s endless content, deleted material, and Microsoft’s decision to stop developing Halo MCC.

Well, there have been contradicting reports on the Halo Infinite campaign, with a few stating that before Bonnie Ross had quit, Joseph Staten was working with a small team of devs to ship many contained Campaign DLC with the goal of expanding the story of Halo Infinite. However, according to Jason Schreier and Jez Corden, there is no truth to the reports because they never existed in the first place, and this claim seems to be supported by the recent report of Rebs.

Overall, it seems like 343 Industries is probably the most mismanaged major development studio out there. They were the ones who single-handedly ruined the legacy of one of the most significant, well-known, and iconic video games ever made.

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