EA’s Iron Man and Black Panther Games Will Be Open World Reveals Job Listings

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According to the recent job postings by EA, Motive’s upcoming Iron Man game will reportedly be an open-world title along with EA’s Black Panther.

EA’s Iron Man and Black Panther Games Will Be Open World Reveals Job Listings

While the game itself may still be in the works, any info we get about Motive’s upcoming Iron Man game is like gold to fans eagerly awaiting its release. And now the latest job listing confirms that the Motive’s upcoming Iron Man project will indeed be an open-world game.

The info comes from an EA job listing for a Senior Technical Artist position, explicitly mentioning Iron Man. The listing outlines the studio’s upcoming AAA project as an open-world action-adventure title.

The job listing says, “Motive Studios is looking for a Senior Technical Artist to help oversee the rendering related aspects of an open-world action adventure AAA title. This position requires high-level artistic sensibilities and strong technical skills; the ability to work with the art and rendering teams to drive the development of new engine features and to guide the content creation to maximize what is available.”

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Well, considering the success of similar superhero games like Spider-Man and Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, the idea of Iron Man taking an open-world route isn’t entirely surprising, and in my opinion it aligns well with the character’s iconic flight abilities, offering ample opportunities for showcasing aerial adventure in expansive environments.

However, Iron Man isn’t the only open-world project that is in development at EA as a different job posting reveals that EA’s next Black Panther game will also be set in an open world.

A principal sandbox designer is needed based on a job posting, where the candidate will have the responsibility of “designing and populating encounters, systems, and gameplay within a dynamic and evolving open world.”

The listing states, “Drawing upon a deep understanding of technical design principles and a passion for creating immersive sandbox experiences, this role demands close collaboration with design teams, AI engineering, and technical art departments to bring our game world to life.”

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As someone who found joy in the expansive levels of the live service Marvel’s Avengers game, the idea of being able to fly around as Iron Man and Black Panther in the more difficult levels in an open world is really interesting. However, as of now, we do not have a specific release date for Iron Man and Black Panther, and we are yet to get any official word from the devs, but further information may be revealed at Summer Game Fest in June.

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