Total War: Warhammer III Thrones of Decay DLC available now

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Following its reveal last month, SEGA and Creative Assembly have finally released the Thrones of Decay DLC for Total War: Warhammer III.

In case you missed it, Thrones of Decay is the latest DLC for the game, and much like previous DLC packs, this one features new content for the Empire, Nurgle, and Dwarves. Specifically, players will get new legendary lords, battle units, campaign features, and a bunch of free content as a bonus.

To mark the DLC’s launch, Creative Assembly released an “Out Now” video which you can watch here:


For the Empire, there’s Elspeth Von Draken, the Dark Lady of Nuln. Meanwhile, the dwarves have Malakai Makaisson of the legendary Enginners Guild. Finally, the Nurgle have Tamurkhan the Maggot Lord.

Alongside the DLC’s release, players can also enjoy Patch 5.0 which features an array of free content. Yes, that means the DLC won’t be required to purchase for players to enjoy the new content additions. These include the free legendary lord Epidemius, a free hero in the gold Wizard, and the new campaign feature called the Nemesis Crown. What’s more, there are also new improvements include bug fixes and quality-of-life updates.

Thrones of Decay is available now to purchase for all Total War: Warhammer III players. For more info, visit the official website.

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