Corsair Virtuoso PRO Gaming Headset

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Key Takeaways

  • The Virtuoso Pro comes with a sleek design and extra cables for customization, making it a versatile choice in the headphone market.
  • An emphasis on comfort is evident in the adjustable headband and breathable earpads of the Virtuoso Pro, promising extended gaming sessions.
  • The Virtuoso Pro offers crisp audio quality, but the bass may be lacking for some users; the detachable microphone and customizable design shine.

Corsair remains one of the largest enthusiast headset manufacturers, creating value in all areas of the market. While their software is put into question a lot, there’s no denying that Corsair’s hardware goes above and beyond, giving gamers a lot of choices, from the more budgetary models to beautifully-crafted pieces that will make your friends jealous. One area of expertise we’ve seen from the California-based company is their headset division, which has boomed over the last decade. Their Virtuoso headsets in particular are one of their longer-running lines, and rightfully so as they offer incredible value across all spectrums. Now we have a Pro version, which coming in two different color schemes (white and black), Corsair is looking to shake up the gaming industry with this professional-grade headset that goes well beyond gaming.

What’s in the Box?

Right when you open the package, Corsair wants to make sure you know this was a high-end product as it features its own carrying case. The case itself isn’t particularly deep as the headset is flexible in its design to lay flat, but it’s a lot wider than we thought it would be. In it comes the headset itself with a Velcro pouch filled with three different cables and a microphone wind guard. This isn’t a USB headset but instead uses a 3.5mm connection, so that means there are more options when it comes to cable management. The best thing Corsair could have done was include two separate cables for turning this from a standard headset into headphones. Specifically, one of the cables has two jacks for each ear, while the other adds a microphone to the side of it. Having these options, on top of this being modular, is what makes the Virtuoso Pro so appealing. And, of course, because this is a 3.5mm connector, the package also includes a converter for the microphone and headphones, so they can merge into a single cable.

The design of the Virtuoso Pro is eye-catching. It features an open back design with the plates being easily removed or replaced. It has a fully vertically adjustable band which we prefer over a simple strap across the top. This is always appreciated by those who have a larger-sized head. You don’t know how many headsets I’ve tried only for them to completely decimate the sides of my head and ears simply because its adjustments were lacking. This is without doubt Corsair’s best-looking form factor. With that said, because of its design, these aren’t exactly noise cancelling, and because of this, the thick braided cable can cause some rather grating noise when rubbing up against clothing, so be aware that you’ll need to take precautions to adjust it accordingly.



In terms of comfort, the Virtuoso Pro is arguably Corsair’s most comfortable headset available. As someone with a slightly larger-than-average head, while it’s not the snuggest fit, it’s significantly better than anything I’ve worn by the company, allowing for hours of extended play sessions. It’s fully adjustable in terms of swivel and hidden extensions in the headband, but it does fit tightly on the bottom of the ear cups, agitating the lobes. The earpads come in the form of breathable fabric which is pleasant on the ears. It’s roughly two inches deep, which should be enough for most. The headband, unfortunately, doesn’t have a lot of comfort, focusing more on sturdiness rather than plush. We thought the little etched designs across the headband fabric would be uncomfortable and press into our skulls because running our fingers across it indicated a bit of sharpness and gave a lot of resistance, but thankfully they weren’t noticeable at all. Suffice to say, the Virtuoso Pro just feels so good on the head and the ears.

Audio Driver

Custom 50mm Graphene

Frequency Response

20Hz – 40kHz


32 Ohms @ 1kHz


117db (+- 3dB)

Mic Type


Mic Impedance

2.2k Ohms

Mic Frequency Response

100Hz – 10kHz

Mic Sensitivity

-41dB (+- 3dB)


225mm (L) x 195mm (W) x 48mm (H)




2 Years


Audio Quality

Obviously, outside of comfort, audio quality is the biggest factor when it comes to choosing the perfect headset, and the Virtuoso Pro doesn’t disappoint. Featuring 20Hz – 40kHz frequency response, 32 Ohms @ 1kHz and 117dB (+- 3dB), the Virtuoso Pro’s audio is crisp. It also features its own custom 50mm Graphene audio driver to give an extra bang for your buck. With that said, even with adjustments to Wave Link and Corsair’s iCUE software, the bass is OK at best. It’s still technically on the higher end when compared to other headsets, but it’s not going to blow your mind for the price point. We found no anomalies in our testing and all audio sources remained clear.

One of our favorite elements of the Virtuoso Pro is the detachable microphone. Not only does it have one you can remove, it’s completely built into the 3.5mm cable that connects to the headset, with an optional cord available to those who don’t want to deal with it. Having the option to swap between either a headphone (especially if you have a dedicated microphone) or a headset with its own microphone is a welcome and greatly-respected decision. We’ve seen too many designs where the headset is baked directly into the microphone and detachable ones will either leave a whole in its place or require you to plug it up with something. Having it in the modular cable itself is a smart choice. As for the microphone itself, the best we can say about it is it’s fine and works. It comes with its own wind guard, which is a nice touch, even though we would have preferred a more custom-created guard considering it sticks out like a sore thumb, but at least it gives you the option to use it with no additional purchases required. It’s obviously not on the level of professional grade, as a dedicated microphone you might use for streaming, but for daily use and calls on Discord, it works great.


Closing Comments:

The Corsair Virtuoso is arguably Corsair’s best brand of headsets, and the Pro just helps it excel. It comes with impressive specifications, but it’s the comfort that helps our recommendation of this peripheral. The earcups and general design go well beyond what we could have hoped for. Options are always great, and the Virtuoso Pro certainly has a lot of them. From the optional 3.5mm cable harboring the microphone itself to the vertical adjustable headband, we can’t praise this enough for Corsiar’s design decisions to help the comfort levels for people with larger-sized heads. The microphone won’t blow anyone away and the bass levels are nothing spectacular, but the rest of the experience is worth the price of admission. When it comes to wired headphones, the Corsair Virtuoso Pro is my go to for both gaming and on-the-go transits.

Corsair Virtuoso Pro Gaming Headset

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