Travel to the magical Doram Kingdom! The new version of Ragnarok Origin, Doram Kingdom, is now online!

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A new adventure awaits you in the brand-new chapter! Ragnarok Origin, the MMORPG sequel to Ragnarok Online published by Gravity Game Hub, is now officially launching the new version update “Doram Kingdom”, which brings new gameplay in a new world, as well as tons of events and benefits. Let’s heed the call of the Doram and set sail to the Doram Kingdom!

New world, new class, and new race!

Adventurers will begin their journey from Midgard, through the massive vortex near the Byalan Island to a mysterious and treacherous sea, where they will arrive at Doram Kingdom on the Pasdar Continent. Doram Kingdom is said to be sheltered by the divine power of Goddess Freya’s necklace! Unprecedented adventures are waiting for you!

The Doram, a new race evolved from cats, is warmly welcoming adventurers. A new race, the Doram, has been added to the new version update. The exclusive classes are Apprentice, To-be Summoner, Summoner, and Grand Summoner. With the natural energies on the island, the Doram Summoners can use a total of three types of skills. Not only can they summon sea creatures to support teammates, but they can also deal magic damage with the energies of the land and plants, and summon animals to deal physical damage. It will definitely be a fun new class to enjoy.

Exploration, new gameplay and a new map opens a marvelous new adventure in the land of Doram Kingdom.

This new version of Ragnarok Origin also brings the brand-new feature of Exploration, where adventurers can explore the map to get books and learn more about the story of the Doram Kingdom, encounter interesting quests, collect various great items, meet new cats, new class mount, and new costumes! In addition to the new Exploration feature, the Doram Kingdom also introduces new daily events. The Divination House will become a new place for adventurers to visit, where they can unlock new stories, buffs, stats bonuses, and item rewards by divining and collecting Doram Cards.

Push yourself to the limit and begin a new journey in the Doram Kingdom in the New World.

In the void that was created by the obsession of Twin God Cats, team up to experience a thrilling adventure. This new PVE dungeon called Freya Mirage is designed for teams of 10. It has three difficulties: Normal, Hard, and Nightmare. The Nightmare Mode is the most difficult dungeon ever! We will be holding a dungeon speedrun event, which will be the first ever for Ragnarok Origin. This event begins at 0:00 on March 21 and ends at 23:59 on March 31. Please visit the official socials for details.

In addition, the game has also launched the first season of the Freya Mirage Contest, which will be held from March 21 to 23:59 on April 20. All the members of the adventurer team that finishes the challenge within the given time will be awarded 100,000 diamonds and an exclusive title, with a special visual effect. The first 100 players who complete the challenge will even have the opportunity to name their serial numbers after their own names! To the top players from all servers, team up and head for the Freya Mirage now. Become the winner and the glory will be yours!

Begin your adventure in the new world of the Doram Kingdom

To celebrate the new Doram Kingdom, Ragnarok Origin will be launching various events in the new version. The newest update is well-prepared for you. In addition to the bonuses of the update, joining events on Discord, Facebook and other channels to win Milestone Rewards on the pre-register page of the new update. Open the scattered Cat God Blind Boxes. Completing newsletter subscription and daily sign-in to get amazing gifts, such as summoning tickets! Also, players can get the [Baby Exploration Costume] by completing the main story quests in the Doram Kingdom. In the black market of the new continent, players can also buy Cat God Blind Boxes in the Goodwill Store. You have a chance to get [Doram Girl/Boy Costume]. Complete the seven-day quest in the new version to win abundant rewards and exclusive Doram Kingdom skins! When you reach a certain Exploration level in the Doram Kingdom, you can get exclusive items!

The new version of Ragnarok Origin, the Doram Kingdom, is now online. From Midgard to the Pasdar Continent, let’s start a thrilling adventure in the Doram Kingdom full of surprises and challenges!

For more information on Ragnarok Origin’s latest events and news, please check out the game’s official website, official DISCORD community, and the official Facebook fan page.

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