Nintendo Switch Reaches Over 140 Million Sales

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Nintendo had its financial results today for the year ended March 2024 and finally acknowledged the Switch successor. In a statement, the President of Nintendo, Shunataro Furukawa confirmed they will announce the Switch 2 by the end of this fiscal year. In the meantime, the Nintendo Switch will continue to sell and has now reached over 140 million in sales.

Will the Nintendo Switch reach the PlayStation 2?

The Nintendo Switch is inching closer to the Nintendo DS in sales (154M), and the PlayStation 2 (160M). As of March 2024, the Switch has sold 141.32 million units, the financial results shared. Nintendo is expecting to sell 13.5 million more Switch consoles during FY2025, which could mean a future price cut or the release of more AAA games that would boost console sales.

During FY2024, there were a total of 15.70 million Nintendo Switch’s sold which is down 12.6% from FY2023 which had 17.97M units sold.

Here is a breakdown of the Nintendo Switch sales in FY2024:

  • Nintendo Switch – 3.86 million
  • Nintendo Switch OLED Model – 9.32 million
  • Nintendo Switch Lite – 2.52 million

If Nintendo does hit its goal for Switch sales in FY25 it would take down the Nintendo DS, but will still slightly be behind the PlayStation 2. It wasn’t announced until Jim Ryan left Sony that PS2 sales were actually 160 million.

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