Troy Baker Won’t Voice GTA 6 Jason, Claims The Actor

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Troy Baker Won’t Voice GTA 6 Jason, Claims The Actor

The Grand Theft Auto 6 first trailer stunned the gaming community. Following an extended period of anticipation, Rockstar eventually revealed its upcoming game in December 2023, showing next-generation visuals, a return to Vice City, and a narrative similar to Bonnie and Clyde. But that’s not all. Fans were also curious about the GTA 6 protagonists and their voice actors. However, it seems like their guesses of Tory Baker being Jason’s voice actor are completely wrong.

Troy Baker Won’t Voice GTA 6 Jason, Claims The Actor

Baker appears to have put an end to the speculation that he will be voicing the Grand Theft Auto 6 protagonist, even though many fans speculated this from the first trailer. Troy Baker, who is widely known for his many credits as Joel’s voice actor in The Last of Us, addressed rumors that he was Jason’s voice actor in Grand Theft Auto 6, in a YouTube interview on The Movie Dweeb channel.

Baker emphasized, “He says one word! He says ‘trust’. That right there is a lesson in perception – people think and they just automatically assume. I want that guy, whoever it is, to credit for his work because I’m sure it’s going to be great.”

He also discussed the immense amount of effort involved in voice acting for Rockstar Games. It’s widely known that games like Grand Theft Auto have extensive scripts that require months, if not years, to develop, so being chosen to voice a main character in a Grand Theft Auto game is a huge honor.

Though it’s nearly impossible to tell who voices “Jason” in the record-breaking December trailer as he only uttered a single word “trust”, many fans sprang to the conclusion that Troy Baker plays Jason in Grand Theft Auto 6. Moreover, it did feel different when Baker used the same word, “trust,” in the interview. However, fans don’t trust Baker when he says he wasn’t involved.

Well, it’s not uncommon for voice actors or other video game professionals to keep details about their roles under wraps until authorized to share. If this is the case, Troy Baker did a great job of deflecting speculation about his role as the anticipated GTA 6 male protagonist. However, he is likely being honest.

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Currently, neither Jason nor Lucia’s voice actor has been formally disclosed, and with a game the size of Grand Theft Auto 6, there are always a ton of speculations regarding both, but it will ultimately be up to Rockstar to decide when the actors can reveal their roles.

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