The Jackbox Naughty Pack for Adult Players has been announced

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During the IGN x ID@Xbox event, there were a lot of new indie games revealed and Jackbox Games made an appearance with a new game. The Jackbox Naughty Pack offers an intimate collection of three provocative games that are designed exclusively for adult players. It’s the first time the developer is diving into Mature gaming after doing multiple Jackbox Party Pack games over the years that are for all players.

Responding to overwhelming demand from fans in customer feedback surveys, Jackbox Games has curated a selection of adult-themed experiences that promise to deliver on laughter, wit, and a touch of irreverence. The Jackbox Naughty Pack is set to cater to the desires of audiences seeking a more risqué entertainment option from the studio.

The three games included in the Jackbox Naughty Pack will be announced throughout the summer, and a launch date will be coming soon. All we have seen of the game is the teaser trailer as seen above.

Is Jackbox Naughty Pack A Standalone Game?

The Jackbox Naughty Pack is a standalone game and not an add-on to an existing Jackbox Party Pack game.

The mature-rated Jackbox game will come to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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