The Best BP50 Setup for Warzone Season 3

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The Best BP50 Setup for Warzone Season 3
Eddie Lemon

The BP50 in Season 3 works more as an SMG than an Assault Rifle, and this build makes this gun one of the best close-range weapons in the whole of Warzone Season 3!

This build that we’re about to show you makes this gun one of the fastest time-to-kill with some of the highest maneuverability in the whole of the game and this is even better on Resurgence and Rebirth Island!

The Best BP50 Setup in Warzone

  • Muzzle: ZEHMN35 Compensated Flash Hider
  • Ammunition: 9MM High Grain Rounds
  • Rear Grip: TRST-IV Grip Tape
  • Laser: Kimura RYL33 Laser Light
  • Conversion Kit: JAK Revenger Kit

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What Secondary Gun to use with the BP50 in Warzone

SOA Subverter Warzone

The BP50 with the JAK Revenger Conversion Kit on it becomes one of the most lethal close-range guns in the game, but the issue remains that it is still in assault rifle so you will need a different variant of weapon so you’re not overlapping ammo types between your primary and secondary weapons.

This is why we recommend taking a sniper rifle with this gun If you don’t want to overlap ammo types, such as the XRK Stalker, the brand new MORS sniper rifle, or the KATT-AMR as your sniper rifles.

If overlapping ammo types isn’t an issue for you we highly recommend using the SOA Subverter, which has been the go-to meta long-range weapon for a while now. We have our very own guide to the best SOA Subverter setup in Warzone, which will perfectly help you dominate enemies at ranges that this BP50 setup simply cannot reach.

What Tactical and Lethal to use with the BP50 in Warzone

Smoke Grenade Warzone

For Tacticals and Lethals these are usually completely up to you, but there are a few that are better than others in our opinion, and you can decide based on your playstyle. 


  • Smoke Grenade
  • Stim


Semtex Warzone
  • Semtex
  • Thermite
  • Throwing Knife

Choosing between Stims and Smoke Grenades is completely your choice and here are the benefits of both. Smoke Grenades provide a lot of safety, but Stims are a lot better in the close quarters of a Resurgence map – specifically on Rebirth Island right now.

When deciding on which Lethal yoiu want to take, both a Semtex and a Throwing Knife are the most popular options right now as they allow players to instantly finish off down enemies without having to shoot them and potentially get caught thirsting for a kill.

Thermites have always been a good Lethal to choose as they deal a large amount of damage in a large area so they are great for throwing into a room and preventing enemies from pushing or leaving as they can block out a large area or chokepoint with their AOE damage.

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