Review: Paper Trail

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Developer – Newfangled Games

Publisher – Newfangled Games

Platforms –  Playstation4/5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One Xbox Series S|X, IOS/Android (Via Netflix Games), PC (Reviewed)

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For enthusiasts of puzzle games like myself, the quest for unique and engaging titles is endless. Paper Trail is a top-down puzzle adventure, that perfectly meets this demand with its inventive concept and delightful narrative. The game follows Paige (I see what the developers did here), a budding academic leaving home for the first time to pursue her studies. Set in an enchanting, foldable paper world, players must fold and merge different sides of the environment to solve complex puzzles, explore new areas, and uncover hidden secrets. This review delves into the whimsical world of Paper Trail, exploring what makes it a standout choice for puzzle aficionados.

In Paper Trail, players fold the world one page at a time, a mechanic that initially feels simple but quickly becomes delightfully complex. As the game progresses, players must alter the fabric of their world, contorting, spinning, rotating, and twisting it in creative ways to untangle the puzzles. This innovative gameplay mechanic keeps the experience fresh and engaging, pushing players to think outside the box as they navigate the intricate and captivating world of Paper Trail.

As Paige travels through the folds of her paper world, she encounters a unique cast of characters, each sharing their stories and broadening her understanding of the wider world out there to explore.

Drawing heavily from flat aesthetic styles such as printmaking and watercolor, the game’s handcrafted environments are a visual delight, ranging from deep, dark caves to the tallest treetops. Each setting is meticulously designed, offering a variety of breathtaking landscapes for Paige to explore.

While the story isn’t anything crazy and the game is on the shorter side, the puzzles are what truly game this game shine. This innovative mechanic transforms the entire gameplay experience, inviting players to engage with the world in a unique way. By folding and manipulating the paper world, players must think creatively to navigate through challenges, and makes the game a real brainteaser.

Paper Trail folds together a captivating story, intricate puzzles, and a unique art style to create a standout experience in the puzzle adventure genre. The innovative foldable mechanics are truly the highlight, turning each challenge into a finely crafted origami of creativity and cleverness. Paige’s journey through this beautifully rendered, paper-crafted world is not just about solving puzzles but about unfolding new perspectives and experiences. From the initial crease to the final fold, Paper Trail offers a refreshing and delightful adventure that will keep players engrossed page after page.

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