Rainbow Six Siege reveals Year 9 Season 2 ‘Operation New Blood’

Ubisoft recently announced Operation New Blood, the latest season of Rainbow Six Siege which features Recruit, the original Operator reinvented.

To be exact, Recruit is getting a major remaster in this season, along with big balance changes, and the introduction of the R6 Membership.

Along with the new season, Ubisoft shared a new Operation New Blood trailer which you can watch here:

Recruit is the game’s first ever Operator, and is available before in all Playlists except Ranked and Unranked. Now, Recruit is getting a big shake-up, with a new look along with two archetypes: Attacker or Defender. Recruit also has the ability to customize their loadout.

The offensive Recruit is called Striker, and they can select two gadgets from a wide array of choices, plus they use the M4 or M249 as a primary weapon, and a 5.7 USG or ITA 125 as a secondary weapon. Meanwhile, the Defensive Recruit is called Sentry, and they can select form any defensive secondary gadget in the arsenal. In terms of weapons, Sentry has the Commando 9 or M870 as a primary weapon, and the C75 Auto or Super Shorty as a secondary weapon.

Unlike other new Operators, Recruit is available for everyone. So instead, the new season will give Premium Battle Pass owners an Operator voucher which they can use to redeem any Operator. As for those who already own all Operators, they’ll get 600 R6 Credits.

Operation New Blood also features balance updates for Fenrir and Solis as they have been deemed too strong in matches. Their changes include fewer F-Natt Dread Mines for Fenrir and reduced duration and range of Solis’ SPEC-IO Electro Sensor.

Players can also get the R6 Membership in the new season. Members will get monthly drops of exclusive content such as gear, skins, Battle level skips, and more. That’s not all in terms of the in-game economy as players who have Two-Factor Authentication enabled and are at least clearance level 25 will get to access the Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace staring June 25. This Marketplace was only available before in a beta state.

Finally, Rainbow Six Operation New Blood adds the Standard Map Filter, for various pools, updates for Endless Drill, Caster Card changes, updates to the Stadium Layout, and player comfort enhancements for audio and flashbang customization.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation New Blood is coming out on June 11, 2024. For more info on upcoming Year 9 updates, visit the official website.

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