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Developer – Odd Meter

Publisher – 11 bit studios

Platforms –  PS5, Xbox Series S|X, PC (Reviewed)

Review copy given by Publisher


This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages, or may not be appropriate for viewing at work. This game may contain Some Nudity or Sexual Content and other General Mature ContentThis game also includes Strong Religious messages/visions that “clash with harsh reality”.

This game is developed by Odd Meter, A Russian Company that although Anti-War, has Strong Political / Religious Russian Beliefs , there may be mentions of the Russian/Ukrainian War in marketing material, in the game and other sources by Odd Meter that Rectify Gaming does not have the same beliefs in and others that Rectify Gaming does, we want to make this clear to our audience the same way Odd Meter has made the below video to be open and honest. Odd Meter defected from Russia to Kazakhstan at the beginning of the war with Ukraine. For an inside look at Odd Meter, what drives them, and what kind of experience the team has crafted, Check out the video below.

Rectify Gaming would like to thank 11 Bit Studios for donating part of their revenue to Help children affected by the war in Ukraine.

INDIKA is an intricately crafted narrative-driven gaming experience, situated within an alternate rendition of Russia during the transformative era of the late nineteenth century. The game follows a young nun as she embarks on a transformative journey of self-discovery, accompanied by an unconventional and intriguing companion – a being with a striking, horn-like feature.

At first, Indika seems to be a typical nun attempting to adjust to a difficult and monotonous monastery life, but don’t be deceived, by her humble and innocent appearance. As players navigate the intricacies of this alternate reality, they are encouraged to contemplate the profound implications of their choices and actions, ultimately shaping the course of the protagonist’s transformative voyage.

Without spoiling too much of the game, Let me dive into some of the story for you; As Indika flees the confines of the monastery, her heart races with a mixture of fear and determination. It’s in this moment of vulnerability that she stumbles upon Mefisto, the enigmatic (devil-like) figure who “claims” to be her guardian angel. Yet, his demeanor, cloaked in shadows and ambiguity, hints at a deeper, more sinister agenda.

Mefisto’s offer to guide Indika towards her true purpose is laced with temptation, promising answers to questions she’s long wrestled with. But as their journey unfolds, it becomes increasingly apparent that his guidance comes with strings attached. Each step brings them closer to the heart of Indika’s destiny, yet the true nature of Mefisto’s intentions remains veiled, shrouded in half-truths and riddles.

Along the way, Indika meets an escaped convict named Ilya who claims God speaks to him. What ensues is a nuanced exploration of faith and doubt, love and hate, and pleasure and suffering. Both characters believe in the same God; rather than pitting a believer against a nonbeliever, Indika explores the space that exists between two interpretations of the same faith, and delves into different shades of Christianity and examine how the same texts, rituals, and prayers can be bent to ascertain different meanings.

Indika informs Ilya that she entered the convent willingly, yet she questions whether her choice truly stemmed from her own volition, given that it was influenced by uncontrollable emotions and experiences. Ilya contests this perspective, asserting that exercising free will allows us to transcend our inherent biological inclinations. Such introspective dialogues are pivotal to Indika’s development as she wrestles with her faith and seeks understanding in her life journey.

I won’t go any deeper into the story, as not to give away too much more of what happens in the game or it’s different endings, to leave this review spoiler free as possible, as this game is one everyone should experience, and for there own opinions on what this game truly means to them with the themes of the game.

Some other things to mention however are , the game also features a dialogue system, where you can choose what to say to Mefisto and other characters. Your choices will affect the relationship between Indika and Mefisto, as well as the outcome of the story as mentioned above. The game has multiple endings, depending on your actions and decisions. The game also has a morality system, where players have the liberty to chart their character’s moral compass on a spectrum ranging from virtuous to nefarious, or anywhere in between. This moral alignment, permeating every facet of the game, from interactions with NPCs to pivotal plot points, underscores the player’s ethical agency and its consequential impact on the unfolding narrative.

One aspect of Indika that warrants attention pertains to its game design, an area I had hoped would see improvement since my initial review of the demo. The design appears to lack the level of refinement and attention to detail that would elevate it to a higher standard. While the game’s narrative stands out as a masterpiece of storytelling, the graphical elements seem to lag behind in terms of polish and intricacy. Allocating resources commensurate with those dedicated to the narrative could significantly enhance the overall experience. Don’t get me wrong however, the design is still immersive and gives you a feel for the time period, it just could be much better if more time was spent on it.

Furthermore, the game’s duration may be considered relatively brief, especially considering its price point. With a completion time averaging between 4 to 6 hours, there’s a sense that the experience could be more substantial. Nevertheless, the strength of the narrative compensates for this, imbuing the game with enduring value that justifies its cost.

Indika offers players a captivating experience that blends dark wit reminiscent of literary giants like Dostoyevski and Bulgakov with a daring exploration of serious and controversial themes. Delving into topics such as religion, authority, and identity, the game fearlessly challenges the norms of the gaming industry. Its bold approach provokes thought and invites players to reconsider conventional expectations. In doing so, Indika delivers a unique and refreshing gaming experience that leaves a lasting impression.

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