Palworld Releases Dating Simulator April Fools Prank & Teases New Raid

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Key Takeaways

  • Pocket Pair Japan surprises fans with a playful dating sim announcement for Palworld on April Fools’ Day 2025.
  • The imaginative narrative of “Palpagos Private Academy” includes friendship, romance, and even darkly comedic elements.
  • While the dating sim was a prank, fans can look forward to a new raid boss update, showcasing ongoing development efforts.

This morning, fans of Palworld were treated to a delightful twist with —an announcement from Pocket Pair Japan about the upcoming release of a dating simulator game, “Palworld! More Than Just Pals,” slated for April 1st, 2025.

However, as excitement bubbled, the realization dawned: April Fools’ Day was just around the corner. The crafty team at Pocket Pair had executed a playful prank, showcasing their creative spirit and engaging community in a unique way.

Palworld – More Then Just Pals Announcement Trailer (April Fool’s)

The Prank That Had Us Fooled: Palworld! More Than Just Pals

The announcement detailed an imaginative foray into the world of dating sims, set within the enchanting confines of “Palpagos Private Academy.” Players were teased with the prospect of diving into a narrative rich with choices—fostering friendships, exploring romantic endeavors, or even taking a darkly comedic turn by “dismantling and eating the pals.”

This definitely has some Persona inspiration.

A vividly detailed roster of characters, from the mysterious transfer student Katress to the formidable student council president Black Maketeer, promised an intricate web of relationships and storylines.

Adding to the intrigue, Pocket Pair unveiled innovative game mechanics like the “Pal Language” system, where players communicate using a unique language to bond with characters.

Other features, such as the “Hell Situation System” and “Battle Royal System,” hinted at complex gameplay dynamics woven into the fabric of this fictional game. Even a VR system was mentioned, promising an immersive experience that would bring players closer to their Pal companions.


All Pals from Black Marketeer | Palworld

Sometimes a Black Market deal is what you need to get an edge in Palworld.

Raid Boss Update

While the dating sim announcement was all in good fun, Pocket Pair didn’t leave fans empty-handed. The email also contained genuine news about an upcoming raid boss update for Palworld, introducing an all-new challenge for players. This update, featuring the first raid boss encounter alongside bug fixes and anti-cheating measures, shows Pocket Pair’s ongoing commitment to developing Palworld furtger.

About Palworld

Palworld is the groundbreaking open-world survival crafting game, blending monster collecting with adventurous exploration that took the gaming world by storm a few months back. Supporting up to 32 players, Palworld offers a richly detailed world where players can capture, breed, and even sell mysterious creatures known as “Pals.” Since its early access release on January 19, 2024, Palworld has captivated a diverse audience with its innovative gameplay and expansive universe.

Palworld is not your typical monster-catching game – it’s a fusion of genres that promises a truly unique gaming experience. Imagine a world where over 100 unique Pals, armed with AK47s and grenades, await your command. This is Palworld – a captivating blend of Pokémon-style monster-catching, survival, crafting, and base building. – Thomas Kent of Hardcore Gamer

Palworld banner


Palworld: A Revolutionary Gameplay Experience January 19, 2024

Palworld is not your typical monster-catching game – it’s a fusion of genres that promises a truly unique gaming experience.

Whether you were momentarily fooled or saw through the ruse from the start, one thing is certain: Pocket Pair knows how to keep the world of Palworld exciting and unpredictable.

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Palworld hit the world like a storm and took over the Steam charts and Xbox Gamepass. See all things Palworld here at Hardcore Gamer.


January 19, 2024


Pocket Pair, Inc.


Pocket Pair, Inc.


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