How to Defeat Mineshaft Bosses and Their Locations

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Palworld Mineshaft Field Bosses: How to Defeat Bosses and Their Locations

In Palworld, there are secret mineshafts with strong Field Bosses. This guide will help you find the Field Bosses, know their types, and learn how to beat them. With this easy-to-follow guide, you’ll be ready to conquer these tough challenges in Palworld.

All Palworld Mineshaft Field Bosses: Locations, Weaknesses, and Types

Here’s a list that covers about all 8 Mineshaft Field Bosses in Palworld. It includes where to find them and how to beat them in a battle.

Lyleen Noct

  • Paldeck Number: #104B
  • Element Type: Dark
  • Location: Goddess of the Tranquil Light
  • Weakness: Dragon

Go to the faraway Iceberg Mineshaft in the snowy northwest. It’s hiding the Dark pal Lyleen Noct. Find the entrance at -142 and 322 near Unthawable Lake. To beat Lyleen Noct, use Dragon-type Pals. Having a strong Dragon partner will make it easier to defeat this tough Pal.

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  • Paldeck Number: #96
  • Element Type: Fire
  • Location: Scorching Mineshaft
  • Weakness: Water

Blazamut is in the hot Scorching Mineshaft, found at -436 and -529 in the southwest. It’s weak against water attacks because it’s a Fire Pal. So, take Water Pals with you to fight it. Bring a powerful Water Pal and use the surroundings in the mineshaft to beat this tough enemy.


  • Paldeck Number: #99
  • Element Type: Ground/Dark
  • Location: Steel Scorpion
  • Weakness: Dragon/Grass

Menasting is a powerful boss in Palworld, specifically found in the Mineshaft Field. It’s an Alpha Boss with a level of 44, located south of the PIDF Tower fast travel point or near the “Sealed realm of the swift ” fast travel marker. To defeat Menasting, it’s recommended to use a Rocket Launcher but keep in mind that it has a slow fire rate and the ammunition is expensive. Additionally, using Dragon-type Pals is effective against Shadowbeak, which is a Dark-type enemy.

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Dinossom Lux

  • Paldeck Number: #93
  • Element Type: Dragon/Electric
  • Location: Thunder Dragon
  • Weakness: Ground/Ice

In the deep desert, far west of the Deep Sand Dunes, there’s a super tough boss called Dinossom Lux in The Furthest Mineshaft at coordinates 349, 563. When you go to battle it, make sure to bring strong Ground or Ice Pals with you. Watch out for the electric creatures outside the mineshaft too – they might team up with Dinossom Lux.


  • Paldeck Number: #98
  • Element Type: Ground/Dark
  • Location: Black Ankylosaur
  • Weakness: Dragon/Grass

The destroyed Mineshaft is in the volcanic wasteland west of Mount Obsidian, and Astegon is watching over it at coordinates -576, -421. Astegon is vulnerable to Dragon and Grass Pals. The volcanic surroundings can boost your Fire attacks against this tricky boss.

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  • Paldeck Number: #93
  • Element Type: Neutral
  • Location: Wind and Clouds
  • Weakness: Dark

The Alpha Fenglope is a Mineshaft Field Boss that is primarily vulnerable to Dark types. The entrance to the Falls Mineshaft where Fenglope is hiding is located at -249 and -434. Bring your strongest Dark-type Pokémon to defeat this friendly creature. You can also encounter Fenglope as a powerful boss at Level 25 in the field.

Broncherry Aqua

  • Paldeck Number: #86B
  • Element Type: Grass/Water
  • Location: Overaffectionate
  • Weakness: Fire/Electric

Broncherry Aqua boss is found at the Shoal Mineshaft coordinates -144, -445. It’s an aquatic deer hybrid with Grass/Water attributes and it uses powerful fire and electric attacks. To beat Broncherry Aqua, make sure to use Pals that have Fire and Electric abilities. Additionally, you can encounter a stronger version of Broncherry Aqua as a Field Alpha Boss when it reaches Level 30.

Ice Kingpaca

  • Paldeck Number: #89B
  • Element Type: Ice
  • Location: King of Muscles
  • Weakness: Fire

Finally, let’s talk about the last Mineshaft Field Boss in Palworld, Ice Kingpaca. Head to the faraway northern Forgotten Mineshaft to face off against the Ice Kingpaca, who’s coming from the snowy mountains at coordinates -253, 477. To defeat this icy monster, make sure to bring along your Fire-type Pals since they are effective against it. Additionally, you can encounter Ice Kingpaca as a powerful boss in the field, specifically as a Level 43 Alpha Boss.

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Overall, to succeed, know bosses’ weaknesses and bring Pals that can beat them. Use the mine terrain smartly in fights. Make sure your Pals are strong enough by leveling up and giving them good gear. This helps in handling boss challenges well.

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