Will GTA 6 Be Playable on 60 FPS? Senior Rockstar Artist and Tech Expert Have Varying Opinions

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Will GTA 6 Be Playable on 60 FPS? Senior Rockstar Artist and Tech Expert Have Varying Opinions

The PS5 Pro is rumored to be released soon, and the prevailing notion is that PS5 Pro will be the primary platform for Grand Theft Auto VI as it is expected to launch before Rockstar Games’ most anticipatedgame. Now, adding to the discussion, recently, a senior artist from Rockstar North has hinted at the possibility of GTA 6 featuring a stable 60 FPS mode on a GTA Forum thread. However, contradicting the artist, tech analyst, Rich Leadbetter from Digital Foundry, question the feasibility of achieving 60 FPS on the PS5 Pro due to CPU constraints.

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GTA 6 Might Be Playable on 60 FPS, Says Senior Rockstar Artist

ViceYcity, a user on GTA Forums, uploaded a thread from Hailin Si, a senior material artist at Rockstar North, who worked on The Last of Us Part 2 at Naughty Dog in the past. According to the artist, Grand Theft Auto 6 will be far superior to the 2020 game of the year and might have 60FPS support.

A member in the forum questioned if there would be a consistent 60 frames-per-second mode in the game, to which Hailin Si answered, “I don’t know, but we are confident.” However, for unclear reasons, the response was later removed. @GTAVI_Countdown then shared the deleted comment onan Xpost that also included Si’s LinkedIn page, verifying his position at Rockstar Games.

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The artist also stated in the screenshots that were made public online: “I can’t say anything, but I swear, this is the most awesome and powerful project I have ever seen in my 10 years of working in 3A.” He also revealed that the GTA 6’s assets are all “complete.”

While Si’s mysterious comments about the project being “awesome and powerful” got people talking, Leadbetter’s analysis paints a different picture.

Tech Experts Say, Dont Expect PS5 Pro to Run GTA 6 at 60fps

In contrast to the abovestatement, Rich Leadbetter, the founder of Digital Foundry, stated in the most recent DF Direct episode that GTA 6 will not operate at 60 frames per second on the speculated PS5 Pro.

Leadbetter estimates that since the CPUs of the PS5 Pro and normal PS5 are similar, GTA 6 should run at a similar frame rate on both devices. Even while the regular PS5 has a 60 frames per second setting, he says it’s unlikely that the PS5 Pro will have a different frame rate without major programming changes.

Leadbetter went on to clarify the situation by stating that the Pro version is unable to increase the frame rate if the game is locked at 30 FPS on the basicPS5 edition. He claims that it is unlikely to get more than 30 frames per second because a CPU powers the simulation, and the PS5 Pro will have the same CPU with only a 10% push.

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Digital Foundry notes that the PS5 Pro does exceptionally well in rendering, even with the slight increase in CPU speed. This could allow it to use PSSR technology to potentially upsample previous PS5 games to 4K quality if publishers give updates for the console.

Well, we will get to know more about thiswhen the official confirmation or gameplay preview of Grand Theft Auto 6if it is indeed a 60 FPS gameis released. As of right moment, neither Rockstar Games nor Sony have released an official comment regarding the precise performance parameters of the game on the PS5 Pro. Expert opinion appears to be mixed for the time being, however, it appears probable that the GTA 6 will have a 60 frames-per-second mode if we believe an artist at Rockstar Games.

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