Dragon’s Dogma 2: Pawn Specializations Explained

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Pawns in Dragon’s Dogma 2 come in two varieties. You’ve got your main Pawn, which acts as a permanent companion that grows in strength alongside you as you progress, and your secondary Pawns, which act as temporary companions that can be replaced at any time.

Unlike secondary Pawns, main Pawns can be customized in a variety of ways. Among other things, they can be granted a new Vocation, new skills, new Augments, and even a specialization. Specializations are particularly interesting since they are available exclusively to Pawns and cannot be acquired by the Arisen. Keep reading to find out how they work.

Pawn Specializations Explained

Pawns can become invaluable assets to your team by learning useful passive skills known as specializations. Your main Pawn won’t have a specialization when you first encounter them near the start of the game, but you can help them learn one later on. In the meantime, you may encounter secondary Pawns that have specializations, and we recommend hiring them if you do since their skills will come in handy.

Players can use special tomes to teach their main Pawns a specialization. As far as we know, there are six types of specializations in the game, and possibly only one tome available for each of them. All these tomes are single-use items, so think carefully before assigning a specialization. You can change your main Pawn’s specialization by simply reading another tome, but again, these things are single-use and exceedingly rare. Don’t use them willy-nilly.



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How To Get Specialization Tomes In Dragon’s Dogma 2


Despite their importance, specialization tomes aren’t tied to any main quests. Instead, they can be acquired by completing certain side quests or increasing your affinity with certain NPCs. You can raise your affinity with an NPC by either completing quests for them (if they have any) or giving them gifts. For your convenience, we put together a handy list of all specialization tomes complete with their effects and method of acquisition. Check it out down below.




Aphonite’s Tome

Chirurgeon’s Tome

Forager’s Tome

Hawker’s Tome

Logistician’s Tome

Woodland Wordsmith’s Tome

A tome that grants a Pawn the Aphonite specialization, which ensures that they abstain from speaking, except under very select circumstances.

Max out your affinity with Eino. He can be found in Eini’s Home north of Melve.

A tome that grants a Pawn the Chirurgeon specialization, allowing them to use curatives on the Arisen and other allies on their own initiative.

Complete the quest Medicament Predicament for Flora in Vernworth. Visit the same courtesan multiple times at the Rose Chateu Bordelrie.

A tome that grants a Pawn the Forager specialization, allowing them to mark the location of enhancement materials on the map.

Max out your affinity with Malcom or one of the other kids in Vernworth.

A tome that grants a Pawn the Hawker specialization, allowing them to offer to purchase some items from the inventory for a fair sum of gold.

Max out your affinity with any wandering trader.

A tome that grants a Pawn the Logistician specialization, allowing them to combine materials and move items between allies and packs as they see fit.

Complete the quest The Heel Of History for Kendrick in Vernworth.

A tome that grants a Pawn the Woodland Wordsmith specialization, allowing those in the Pawn’s company to comprehend Elvish.

Max out your affinity with one of the elves in Sacred Arbor.

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