The Best XDefiant Devices

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The Best XDefiant Devices
Jose Maria Serna

XDefiant, the free-to-play first-person arena shooter developed by Ubisoft, has taken the gaming world by storm since its release on May 21, 2024.

As you dive into intense online matches, you’ll need to equip yourself with the right tools to dominate the ranked games. Let’s explore the best XDefiant devices that will give you the power you need to win.

What are the Best XDefiant Devices?

In this game, you have more than your weapons as tools to win your ranked games, you also have something called devices. There are multiple types of devices, and which one to choose will depend on your playstyle and the whole loadout you will be selecting.

Devices are essentially throwable items like grenades. Make sure to use them wisely as they can be more useful than you think, and they can get you some extra kills without wasting bullets.

If you ever played any Call of Duty, you may find it pretty normal, as it basically works the same way it used to do back in the Call of Duty era.

The Best Devices in XDefiant

XDefiant, Ubisoft’s free-to-play first-person arena shooter, features an array of devices that can define who wins and who loses a game. Let’s dive into the best XDefiant devices:

  1. Proximity Mine
    • The Proximity Mine is a game-changer. Toss it strategically near choke points or objectives, and watch it explode when an enemy gets too close. Whether you’re defending a control point or ambushing foes, this device ensures surprise and chaos.
  2. Sticky Grenade
    • Precision matters and the Sticky Grenade delivers. Stick it to an opponent, vehicle, or even the ground, and boom! The explosion deals massive damage. Perfect for those clutch moments when you need to turn the tide.
  3. Flashbang Grenade
    • Blind your enemies with the Flashbang Grenade. Throw it into a room, and everyone inside will be disoriented and stunned. Use it to push forward, escape, or disrupt enemy plans. Remember, timing is everything.
  4. EMP Grenade
    • Tech-savvy players, rejoice! The EMP Grenade disrupts enemy gadgets, rendering them useless. Disable enemy drones, shields, and other devices leaving your opponents vulnerable. It’s a must-have for any XDefiant operator.
  5. Frag Grenade
    • Sometimes, brute force is the answer. The Frag Grenade explodes on impact, dealing area-of-effect damage. Clear out tight spaces, weaken groups of enemies, and create chaos. Just be careful not to catch yourself or your teammates in the blast!
best xdefiant devices

Why Should You Use Them?

These devices aren’t just flashy toys—they’re essential for victory. In the beginning, it may be normal that you do not use your devices, but you have to know that mastering their usage can turn the tide of battle.

Coordinate with your team, adapt your strategy, and surprise opponents with well-placed devices. Remember, the best XDefiant devices aren’t just tools; they’re game-changers and there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Experiment, adapt, and find what suits your playstyle.

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