Palworld Huge Damp Eggs: Where to Find and Hatch Huge Damp Eggs

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Palworld Huge Damp Eggs: Where to Find and Hatch Huge Damp Eggs

In Palworld, hatching eggs is super exciting, but it can be a bit tricky if you’re not looking in the right places. The type of egg (Rocky, Frozen, Scorching, etc.) decides what kind of Pal you’ll get, and the size (Normal, Large, or Huge) determines how rare the Pal will be. If you’re on the lookout for Huge Damp Eggs, you’re in for some awesome Water Pals. This guide will help you find reliable spots to get Huge Damp Eggs and give you tips on raising them into amazing aquatic Pals in Palworld.


What are Huge Damp Eggs in Palworld?Where to FindSearching For and Hatching

What are Huge Damp Eggs in Palworld?

The Damp Egg in Palworld has a blue pattern and can hatch Water Pals. There are three sizes: Normal, Large, and Huge.

In easy mode, Huge Damp Eggs hatch in just a few minutes. At normal difficulty, it takes two hours. If you’re up for a challenge in hard mode, be prepared to wait three days for the Eggs to hatch.

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Where to Find Huge Damp Egg in Palworld?

To find a Huge Damp Egg, head towards the Cold Shore, located far north of the Plateau of Beginnings. Start by crossing the bridge on the northern edge of the starting island, which takes you to a midpoint between the starting island and the Cold Shore. Continue north, and you’ll spot another island across a big stretch of ocean – that’s the Cold Shore.

It’s recommended to use a flying mount for easier travel. However, if you have a Killamari, you can slide off a cliff and glide to the Cold Shore, using the momentum from your slide.

Eggs are randomly generated on the Plateau of Beginnings Island. There are specific locations where eggs can appear, and these spots can produce either Normal or Large Eggs of any type. However, there is a small tendency for eggs to be more likely to spawn in areas that match their elemental type. Certain places, like Cold Shore, have a higher chance of producing specific types of eggs.

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Searching For and Hatching Huge Damp Eggs

To catch a huge damp egg in a great place like the Cold Shore, you need dedication and a bit of luck. Once you get one, use an Egg Incubator to take care of it and speed up the 2-hour hatch time if you want. Have fun waiting and then be amazed at the awesome Water Pal you’ll get. With these tips for finding eggs and hatching them, you can add cool water creatures to your collection.

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