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Riot Games has once again expanded the VALORANT universe with the introduction of a new valorant agent, Clove, who brings a unique blend of cuteness and mischief to the game.

We have seen Riot experimenting with the concept of roles, bringing some agents that can be considered hybrid in term of roles.

Surely you have heard someone saying that Chamber is a “Centinel-Duelist”, or Viper a “Smoker-Centinel”.

Clove’s arrival marks a significant addition to the game’s diverse roster, offering players a fresh tactical edge, having the best of both words between a duelist and a controller.

But before talking about Clove’s tactical addition to the game, we have to get to know her and her history.

New Valorant Agent Clove: The Origin

Clove’s history is as enigmatic as their abilities.

Born in the highlands of Scotland, Clove was once a brilliant engineer known for their innovative designs. However, a twist of fate led them to become an immortal, with the power to manipulate life and death itself.

This duality of existence is reflected in their gameplay, where they can create chaos for enemies and provide strategic advantages for their team.

In the lore of VALORANT, Clove is a non-binary agent who defies the traditional boundaries of life. They are a ‘Scottish troublemaker’ whose playful and fierce spirit is transporting their abilities.

Clove’s lore is rich with cultural references and a deep backstory that resonates with the game’s global audience.

A Bold step by Riot

Riot’s decision to make Clove a non-binary character is a bold step towards inclusivity and representation in the gaming industry and in gaming in general.

This move has been met with both acceptance and debate within the community, but it underscores Riot’s commitment to creating a game that reflects its diverse player base.

Clove’s gender identity is just one aspect of their character, but it’s a significant one that adds depth to the VALORANT universe.

New Valorant Agent

We have seen this before

This is not the first time Riot Games makes a statement regarding agent’s sexual orientation. They have confirmed the relationship between Killjoy and Raze.

They confirmed it by posting from the game’s X official account, a picture where both agents were kissing.

Riot confirming relationship between kj and raze

New Agent Clove: Gameplay and Abilites

Clove’s abilities set them apart as a controller, capable of dictating the flow of the game with precision.

Clove way to set the smokes in the map is basically with an interface just as Brimstone.

New Valorant Agent
New Valorant Agent

Their kit includes 2 smokes that can regenerate, a health and speed boost when making a kill or an assiatance, a granade that has decay and a resurrection ultimate that keeps opponents guessing and allows for crazier plays.

With Clove, strategy takes on a new dimension, as their presence on the match is constant. Even after death, she is able to keep placing smokes in the map, something never seen before.

The introduction of Clove is expected to shake up the current VALORANT meta.

Their ability to return from the grave makes them a formidable opponent, encouraging more aggressive playstyles.

The passive ability they have to keep assisting the team even after death, make make them one of the (if not the most) fun agent to play with!

It remains to be seen how Clove will fit into pro play, but their potential to influence ranked matches is undeniable.

When is Clove arriving to Valorant?

Clove joins the list of VALORANT agents during Episode 8: Act II, ready to make their mark. Players can unlock Clove by completing specific in-game challenges, adding them to their arsenal of agents.


Clove is a testament to Riot Games’ ongoing efforts to innovate and diversify. As the new valorant agent on the block, Clove is set to become a fan favorite, offering a gameplay experience that is both challenging and rewarding.

Their addition is a welcome change, promising to keep the game dynamic and engaging.

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