All Maister Locations and Ultimate Skills

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Key Takeaways

  • Access 12 unique ultimate abilities with distinct applications for strategic gameplay.
  • Flexible ultimate ability access regardless of vocation level unlocks myriad combinations.
  • Obstacles along the journey, like the skill trials and quests, enrich storylines and bolster prowess.

Welcome, Arisen!

Dragon’s Dogma 2 introduces a rich tapestry of vocations, each with its own depth and intricacies. Mastering these vocations is done through the unlocking of special ultimate abilities taught by the elusive and skilled Maisters scattered across the realm. These formidable skills not only amplify your prowess in combat but also bring a fresh dynamic to your gameplay strategy.

The Path to Ultimate Power

In the world of Dragon’s Dogma 2, there are 12 distinct ultimate abilities, each associated with a specific vocation. These abilities stand out not just for their sheer power or utility but for how they can transform your approach to challenges within the game. Whether it’s a skill that unleashes devastating damage or one that provides unique functionalities, mastering these can give you a significant edge.

Before delving into the specifics of each Maister and their corresponding skill, it’s important to note that accessing these ultimate abilities doesn’t require a particular vocation level. This means you have the flexibility to switch vocations and still wield these formidable skills, as long as you’ve earned them. This opens up a myriad of strategic possibilities, allowing for creative combinations and tactics in your quest.

All Maister Locations and Questlines

Finding the Maisters is a quest in itself, one that will take you to the farthest reaches and hidden corners of the Dragon’s Dogma 2 world. Each Maister is a paragon of their vocation, and earning their approval to learn the ultimate ability is no small feat. It’s a journey that will test your mettle, your mastery of the vocation, and your dedication to reaching the zenith of your combat capabilities.

The Fighter Maister

In Dragon’s Dogma 2, your prowess as a Fighter can reach new heights under the guidance of Maister Lennart. His expertise is hidden within Melve, a place you’ll encounter early on but will need to revisit under more dire circumstances.

Your journey will naturally lead you to Melve initially, but the key to unlocking Lennart’s wisdom comes later in your adventure. Keep an eye out for the quest titled “Readvent of Calamity,” which becomes available amidst your endeavors in Vernworth and just before your journey progresses to Bakbattahl.

Quest: Readvent of Calamity

“Readvent of Calamity” isn’t just another checkpoint on your quest log; it’s a defining moment that calls you back to Melve to face a dragon threat. Your involvement in this quest is about combating the imminent danger, making strategic decisions, and forging alliances. Your actions will lead you to assist Ulrika, a key figure whose safety greatly concerns Lennart.

Your valiant efforts in Melve, particularly your aid to Ulrika, will draw Lennart’s attention. Recognizing the qualities of a true Fighter in your actions, Lennart will reward you with a scroll, a token of his acknowledgment, and a key to unlocking new depths of your Fighter vocation.



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The Archer Maister

The Sacred Arbor stands as the sanctuary of the Elves, a place of mystique and ancient wisdom. Here, amidst the intertwining quest lines and the lush, verdant landscapes, lies the opportunity to unlock an Elf-inspired ultimate ability, a testament to the deep bond between the player and the Elf community.

Journey to Sacred Arbor

Your adventure will lead you to the Sacred Arbor through a series of quests that intertwine with the lore and destiny of the Elves. This part of your journey is not just a visit to a location but an immersion into the culture and challenges of this ancient race.

The Quest Involving Glyndwr

The key to unlocking the ultimate ability within the Sacred Arbor begins with Glyndwr, an Elf with a significant role in the unfolding events. The quest chain involving Glyndwr acts as a bridge, connecting you to the deeper narratives of the Elf community and leading you to critical moments that define your relationship with them.

A pivotal moment in your quest is the daring rescue of Taliesin’s daughter from an ogre’s formidable grasp. This act of bravery and skill is more than completing the quest; it demonstrates your heroism and is a catalyst for forming strong bonds with the Elves.

Taliesin, moved by your courage and the safety of his daughter restored, expresses his gratitude significantly. In recognition of your deeds and the friendship forged in the heat of battle, he grants you a unique ability.

The Thief Maister

In the shadowy depths beneath the Nameless Village in Dragon’s Dogma 2, lies a challenge that leads to the acquisition of a unique scroll from Maister Srail. This part of your journey tests your agility and resolve and brings you into the Thieves Guild, where stealth and cunning are valued above all.

You may have met Flaude up above the tunnels. He’s not the true Thief Maister, though he does give you a skill to use.

Your quest begins with a descent into the labyrinthine tunnels hidden beneath the manor in the Nameless Village. This underground passage is no ordinary route; it’s a carefully laid out obstacle course designed with traps and challenges that test the mettle of any who dare traverse it.

nameless village dd2

Navigating the Obstacle Course

The journey through these tunnels is a trial by fire, with traps set to thwart the unwary. Your ability to navigate these hazards speaks volumes about your prowess and adaptability, qualities that are highly prized among thieves.

The Mage and Sorcerer Maister

Your path to mastering new Mage skills may lead you to Eini’s Home, a quaint and unassuming dwelling located to the north of Melve. This part of your adventure is not just about obtaining a scroll; it’s a journey into the heart of knowledge and the bonds that tie us to future generations.

Eini’s Home stands as a beacon of tranquility and wisdom amidst the chaos of the outside world. Its location, just a short journey north from the bustling streets of Melve, makes it an accessible yet often overlooked treasure trove of arcane knowledge.

The Quest for Tomes

The key to earning Eini’s trust and, ultimately, her prized scroll lies in a seemingly simple yet profoundly impactful task. You are to gather five tomes, each a vessel of ancient lore and magic, for Eini’s granddaughter, Trysha. This quest is not just a test of your resourcefulness, but a testament to your dedication to the pursuit of knowledge.

Trysha is also a Maister, for Sorcerers.

Another Sorcerer Maister

Myrddin’s request mirrors Trysha’s, as he too seeks the elusive grimoires. Fortunately, there’s a strategy for fulfilling both demands while reaping the rewards each offers.



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Myrddin’s Request in Checkpoint Rest Town

Stationed in the bustling hub of Checkpoint Rest Town, Myrddin presents a quest that echoes a familiar task – the collection of the same grimoires that Trysha desires. This intriguing overlap presents both a challenge and an opportunity for the resourceful adventurer.

You can fulfill both requests by creating Forgeries.

The Warrior Maister

Initially encountered at the Borderwatch Outpost’s training grounds and then again at Moonglow Garden, Beren’s story takes a poignant turn that leads him back to the place of his early years, situated just south of Checkpoint Rest Town.

Initial Meetings with Beren

Your first interaction with Beren takes place amid the rigorous environment of the Borderwatch Outpost, where the clatter of arms and the spirit of training fill the air. Shortly after, your paths converge once more in the serene ambiance of Moonglow Garden, adding layers to your acquaintance with him.

The Trickster Maister

The journey to master the Trickster vocation leads to the Reverent Shrine, a sanctified place poised between the bustling Checkpoint Rest Town and the enigmatic Bakbattahl. Here, Luz, the oracle, imparts her knowledge in both spectral and corporeal forms.

luz dd2

The Oracle Luz at the Reverent Shrine

Luz’s presence at the Reverent Shrine serves as a beacon for those seeking the Trickster’s path. Initially, you may encounter her ethereal form within the shrine, a meeting that bestows upon you the initial mantle of the Trickster vocation.

The shrine holds deeper secrets, accessible to those who dare to explore beyond the apparent. By navigating to the structure’s left side and ascending the ladder, you reach a vantage point atop the rooftop. It’s here, away from the sanctum’s main area, that Luz reveals herself in physical form.

The Mystic Spearhand Maister

In your adventures through Dragon’s Dogma 2, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from Maister Sigurd, a key figure who can be found in multiple locations as your journey unfolds. Each encounter with Sigurd presents a unique chance to gain insight and advance your skills.

Encounters with Sigurd

  • Melve during “Readvent of Calamity” Quest: Your initial meeting with Sigurd takes place in Melve amidst the chaos of the “Readvent of Calamity” quest. This encounter is pivotal, not only for the quest at hand but also for the lessons and insights Sigurd has to offer.
  • Dragonsbreath Tower: As you venture further southeast of Bakbattahl, you’ll come across Dragonsbreath Tower, where Sigurd awaits once more. This location marks a significant point in your journey, offering deeper understanding and mastery under Sigurd’s guidance.
dd2 dragonsbreath tower

The Magick Archer Maister

Your path to acquiring new Magick Archer skills may lead you to Maister Cliodhna. Her expertise is accessible through a journey that intertwines personal trust and skilled mastery. Important locations are the Windwalker’s Home and the Volcanic Island Camp, known for its rejuvenating hot springs.

The Quest: Put a Spring in Thy Step

Your journey to earn Cliodhna’s trust and, subsequently, her guidance begins with the quest “Put a Spring in Thy Step.” This will lead you right to the next Maister we need to talk about!

The Warfarer Maister

The Volcanic Island Camp, renowned for its healing hot springs, holds more than just restorative waters. Here, in the aftermath of completing the “Put a Spring in Thy Step” quest, you’ll encounter Lamond, a key figure in unlocking the Warfarer class and its associated abilities.

Lamond has a particular request – the procurement of three bottles of Newt Liqueur. This task, seemingly simple, is your gateway to unlocking the Warfarer class, a testament to your dedication and ability to fulfill diverse and unique challenges.



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All Ultimate Abilities in Dragon’s Dogma 2


Ultimate Ability



Riotous Fury


Heavenly Shot


Blades of the Pyre



Formless Feint


Celestial Paean



Taught by Trysha



Taught by Myrddin


Arc of Might


Dragon’s Delusion

Mystic Spearhand

Wild Furie

Magick Archer

Martyr’s Bolt



Mastering the ultimate abilities in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is a journey of growth, challenge, and triumph. As you seek out the Maisters and prove your worth, you’ll unlock new gameplay and strategy dimensions that can elevate your experience to legendary heights.

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