Review: Steel Seed (Steam NextFest Demo)

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Developer – Storm in a Teacup

Publisher – ESDigital Games

Platforms –  PC (Reviewed)

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The Following Review is of the Steam NextFest Demo Build

Note the game may change before release, and this review is strictly of the Steam NextFest Demo.

Storm in a Tea Cup has made some amazing games , from Nero to Enki and Close to the Sun, they put there heart and soul into making great games, and Steel Seed looks to be no different.

Steel Seed is an immersive single-player stealth-action adventure game set in a foreboding sci-fi world. Players follow Zoe on her epic journey through a perilous underground facility dominated by hostile artificial intelligences. Navigating this treacherous environment, Zoe’s only ally is Koby, a versatile flying drone that aids her in various tasks. Together, they must outwit the relentless AI overseers, uncover hidden secrets, and overcome formidable challenges to survive and succeed in their mission of Saving humanity, and finding Zoe’s father.

A key focus of Steel Seed is Zoe’s impressive parkour skills, which play a crucial role in her journey through the complex terrain. Each section presents unique challenges, from narrow passageways and towering structures to wide-open spaces where danger can strike from any direction.

Zoe’s parkour prowess allows her to leap across gaps, scale walls, and perform acrobatic maneuvers that are essential for both evasion and strategy. Her agility provides a significant tactical advantage, enabling her to outmaneuver and outsmart her adversaries, who are relentless in their pursuit. The ability to quickly traverse the environment not only helps Zoe evade capture but also allows her to reach strategic vantage points where she can better assess threats and plan her next move.

The game emphasizes the strategic use of stealth-based techniques to bypass robotic entities and guards, allowing players to progress without engaging in direct confrontations. By utilizing shadows, silent takedowns, and distraction tactics, players can move efficiently and avoid unnecessary battles. The design of the environments encourages thoughtful planning and clever movement, rewarding those who can blend into their surroundings and outsmart their adversaries. This stealth-focused gameplay not only heightens the tension and immersion but also offers a sophisticated and cerebral approach to overcoming the game’s challenges.

I’m very excited to learn more about the story and have more fun with the parkour movement in the game upon its full release soon. The rich narrative promises to delve deeper into the complexities of humanity’s struggle for survival and the moral dilemmas faced by an advanced AI tasked with saving the remnants of human civilization. This exploration of themes such as the intersection of technology and humanity, the ethics of artificial intelligence, and the quest for redemption adds layers of depth to the gameplay experience. As the release date approaches, my anticipation grows for what promises to be a compelling and action-packed journey.

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