A Streets of Rogue 2 Demo is coming this June

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tinyBuild and solo indie developer Matt Dabrowski revealed the Official Gameplay Trailer for Streets of Rogue 2 at the Triple-I Initiative Showcase. Streets of Rogue 2 is an upcoming open-world RPG sandbox hitting Steam Early Access in 2024. It’s the sequel to the critically acclaimed 2019 rogue-lite title, Streets of Rogue which sold over 1 million copies.

The gameplay trailer highlights dozens of unique and quirky playable classes like Ninja, Werewolf, Investment Banker, Wrestler, Alien, and plenty of others. Seamless, procedurally generated open world with a map 100 times the size of a single level from Streets of Rogue 1 and multiple unique biomes from bustling cities to creepy forests.

In Streets of Rogue 2, you will wreak havoc with a vast arsenal of items and weapons, including shrink rays, bear traps, rat-summoning ocarina, Necronomicon, landmines, firearms, rocket launchers, and many more.

One of the most eagerly awaited features in the game is the ability to both pet and ride the dog.

Streets of Rogue 2 has over 300,000 wishlists on Steam already and the playable demo of the game will be available on Steam during Next Fest in June 2024. The game will come to Steam Early Access sometime this year.

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