Top 10 Minecraft YouTubers

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Top 10 Minecraft YouTubers
Jose Maria Serna

If you’re a Minecraft fan, chances are you’ve spent countless hours in blocky landscapes, fighting creepers, and crafting your adventures. Or maybe watching some Minecraft Youtubers building amazing projects or huge farms.

If not, you have to consider the vast community of Minecraft YouTubers. They are a vibrant collective, actively sharing their gameplay, dispensing valuable tips, and exposing clever tricks. That’s why today, we will show you the Top 20 Minecraft Youtubers. Let’s plunge into the domain of these virtual builders and unearth the champions who dominate this digital kingdom!

The best Minecraft Youtubers

  • DanTDM

DanTDM, also known as The Diamond Minecart, boasts a remarkable 28.7 million subscribers. His channel is a treasure trove, featuring everything from giant builds to funny mod showcases. Moreover, if you haven’t yet experienced his “Minecraft | VACATION DISASTER!!” adventure, it’s a must-see that promises to entertain and amaze you.

  • Jelly

Jelly’s channel is an amazing explosion of fun! With 23.6 million subscribers, he takes on various games, including Minecraft. For example, don´t miss his video “Playing GTA 5 As A POLICE OFFICER!” is a riot.

  • PrestonPlayz

PrestonPlayz, the Texan vlogger, has 15.6 million subscribers. His Minecraft content keeps fans always coming back for more. Hence you need to check out his prank-filled video “5 Ways to Prank Your Little Brother’s Minecraft House!”

  • TommyInnit

TommyInnit’s infectious enthusiasm attracts 14.8 million subscribers. His chaotic Minecraft adventures and collaborations with other YouTubers are consequently worth watching. Join the chaos!

The final 5

This group is enriched by the presence of a Spanish creator, presenting a unique touch to the variety. Spanning from fun gameplay to informative guides, their offerings make them an enthralling set of creators for any avid Minecraft fan to discover and follow.

    • Dream

    Dream, who is popularly known as DreamWasTaken, commands a remarkable following of 31.9 million subscribers. His channel is a diverse tapestry of content, encompassing Minecraft gameplay, thrilling manhunts alongside fellow YouTubers, and various collaborations.

    Moreover, if you have a penchant for Minecraft challenges, enjoy the rush of speed runs, or simply seek captivating content, then Dream’s channels are an absolute must-watch. His ability to engage viewers with innovative and dynamic content truly sets his channel apart.

    • Grian

    Grian, who has attracted a substantial audience of 8.5 million subscribers, excels in offering building tutorials and creative designs through his engaging Minecraft series. Indeed, his exceptional creativity and expertise in construction have become a source of inspiration for Minecraft enthusiasts across the globe. His channel stands as a testament to the art of building within the game, encouraging players to explore their creative potential.

    • ElRichMC

    ElRichMC is celebrated by over 2 million subscribers for his engaging technical Minecraft gameplay videos. Additionally, the Survival 1.12 series is recommended for those who admire technical Minecraft and exceptional building designs!

    • Mumbo Jumbo

    Mumbo Jumbo, the acclaimed Minecraft YouTuber, engages 9.37 million subscribers with a focus on Redstone engineering. Showcasing advanced devices and Redstone innovations, he enhances gameplay and draws a dedicated following. His channel is a prime resource for players seeking to refine their Minecraft expertise.

    • SSundee

    SSundee, with a robust following of 23.7 million subscribers, stands out for his extensive coverage of Minecraft mods. He consistently presents the latest and greatest mod packs upon their release. His channel is a hub for detailed guidesreviews, and exciting adventures that delve into these mods. For those captivated by the intriguing realm of Minecraft modifications, SSundee’s channel is a treasure trove of knowledge and fun.

    Honorable Mention

    • Technoblade

    Technoblade’s exceptional prowess garnered him a remarkable 17 million subscribers. His channel was a showcase of intense PvP battles and sharp-witted commentary, undeniably creating top-notch content. A legend that marked millions of lives around the world.

    Tragically, Technoblade succumbed to cancer in June 2022. Despite this, his legacy continues to resonate powerfully within the Minecraft community. His impact remains special and cherished in the hearts of his fans. Technoblade’s memory endures, immortalized as a legendary figure in the Minecraft universe. His spirit, through his videos and the community he built, will forever inspire and amuse gamers around the world.

    minecraft youtubers

    These YouTubers are just the tip of the iceberg. Even if you’re an experienced miner or just starting out, their videos provide not only entertainment but also give you inspiration and a sense of belonging within the Minecraft community.

    So, equip your diamond pickaxe, press that subscribe button, and join us as we embark on a journey to uncover the endless possibilities that Minecraft has to offer!

    If you enjoyed this article, feel free to check other of our Minecraft articles. Thanks for reading!

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