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Key Takeaways

  • Start the “Off the Pilfered Path” quest after “Mercy Among Thieves” and “Nation of Lambent Flame”.
  • Pay Ekertt gold to release Hugo from jail and save his life by taking down the Coral Snakes.
  • After being released, Hugo will take over the apothecary if Isaac isn’t around.

In Dragon’s Dogma 2, the “Off the Pilfered Path” is started after completing the main quest “Nation of Lambent Flame” and the side quest “Mercy Among Thieves”. You can start the quest by going to the Bakbattahl Gaol after completing “Mercy Among Thieves” and you may even be stopped by a guard that is looking to get more information out of Hugo.


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There is no honor amongst some of these thieves,

Offer Hugo Guidance

Bakbattahl Gaol is located just past the Dye Stores route and a guard will speak with you as soon as you reach the entrance. You’ll be allowed to enter the Gaol, but you can’t speak with Hugo right away. Go down the hall briefly and a man named Brefft will stop you. Brefft will mock Hugo for a short while before the conversation ends. Go ahead and speak with Brefft two more times to get some more information about Hugo and his family. Brefft, to spite his former boss, also gives you the new Coral Snake hideout location.

Now you can go speak with Hugo in his cell. You are able to tell him what happened to his family and he will wish to stop talking, understandable considering what his hero had done to him. You may also say nothing to him about his family. A guard named Dietrich will be standing nearby and had shared some disdain for Brefft briefly while Brefft had been speaking with you. Speak with Dietrich next, and he’ll let you know that the Head Gaoler, Ekertt, isn’t above letting people out.

Pay Ekertt 1,000 gold, and he’ll work on getting Hugo released, but it will take some in-game time for his situation to be sorted. But now you are free to make your way to the Ancient Battleground and hunt down the Coral Snakes. The Ancient Battleground is located to the north of Checkpoint Rest Town.

Finishing The Coral Snakes

Once at the Ancient Battleground, you can make your way up to the castle in the north. Go to the top of the castle area, and you will find Lanzo and the rest of his snakes waiting. If you take care of them all here right away, you’re going to end up saving Hugo’s life as he’s going to attempt to do so alone after he’s out of jail. Hugo’s death results in the quest ending, so do be sure to go take care of them as soon as possible.

Hugo’s Second Chance

After you dispatch the slimy Coral Snakes, you can go back to Bakbattahl Gaol right away and speak with Ekertt once more. You’ll have to pay a little more this time in order to get Hugo the reprieve he deserves. First you must pay 2,500 gold and then another 5,000 gold before Hugo is given another chance at life.

When Hugo is finally out of jail, he’s going to be hanging out near the Bakbattahl Gaol. If you did get the alternate ending for “Short Sighted Ambition” where Isaac leaves the city, you can ask Hugo to start running the shop, and he’ll take Isaac’s place as the Bakbattahl apothecary. If you cannot offer him the job, worry not, Hugo will still go ahead and make his way to starting a new life.

Quest Rewards

You will receive 7,000 gold and a White-Leather Kerchief if Hugo decides to make his own path.

White-Leather Kerchief

A kerchief fashioned from the hide of a monster hatchling. Nigh impenetrable to moisture and dirt, it is prized in climes prone to rain or dust storms.


White-Leather Kerchief

A kerchief fashioned from the hide of a monster hatchling. Nigh impenetrable to moisture and dirt, it is prized in climes prone to rain or dust storms.

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