New Mario Builder 64 Lets Players Build Their Own Levels

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New Mario Builder 64 Lets Players Build Their Own Levels
Samuel Brickell

Move over, Mario Maker. It’s time for Mario Builder 64!

The new rom hack gives players the ability to make and play user-generated Mario 64 levels!

But how does it work, and how long before Nintendo sends in the death squads?

Mario Builder 64

So what exactly is this new rom hack? Well, it’s Mario Maker, but in Mario 64. If that has not sold you, then I do not know what will!

It’s no secret that Mario 64 is one of the best games of all time. Only second to Mario Sunshine (come at me)!

This new mod developed by Rovertronic aims to give Mario 64 all of Maker’s bells and whistles and then some.

Also included are a number of great community-made levels! Of course, to appease the Nintendo lawyers, none of the original levels are in there.

Not only can you easily make your own level with a handy, easy-to-use UI, but you can also download friend maps and share maps easily, giving the already replayable masterpiece more bang for its buck.

Whether or not that will stop them is up in the air, really!

You can edit everything from the music to the background sky pieces and even mess around with in-game water effects and depth.

That does not sound impressive on its own, but to get that working within Mario 64 is a feat on its own.

It cannot be stressed enough how easily the developers here have made the whole process of making levels. Yes, romhacks with custom levels have existed before, but those needed dedicated software with a lot of extra know-how and tinkering.

This is as plug-in-and-play as you can get. Get an idea, grab a cotroller, and start making some maps!

The Clock Ticks

With this new romhack, we should expect the community to get crazy with new levels and layouts. Now anyone with the gull can put together and try out some creative maps from people who just love the game.

But the bells and hourglass have flipped. As I speak, the counter strikes down unkowningly as Nintendo looms over my head.

I recommend grabbing this even if you are not interested, simply because it will not be around for long.

That whole being on the internet thing forever was a lie! Websites from 2013 are no longer up, and you think Nintendo won’t take the chance to nuke something like this off the face of the earth.

Good on the developers for dropping this without any heads-ups or trailers. Any Nintendo fan project should follow this pattern, as although building up hype gets the word out and can push projects to completion, it gives Nintendo the much-needed heads up on Cease and Desist letters!

Hopefully, this will last long enough for enough people to get their hands on it. Who knows, maybe this will get Nintendo a wake-up call and push for an official Mario 64 maker.

But in the meantime, get busy downloading in Minecraft, of course for legal reasons!

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