Multiversus Adds Jason Vorhees & Agent Smith To The Roster

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Multiversus Adds Jason Vorhees & Agent Smith To The Roster
Samuel Brickell

Heads will roll as Multiversus adds Jason Vorhees and Agent Smith to the roster!

The Warner Bros. 2 fighting game adds a ton of new characters for the upcoming May 28th release.

But how will he play, and is he worth the smell?

Multiversus Adds Jason Vorhees to the Game

Oh yeah, it’s all coming together. The Smash Bros. esc fighter by Warner Bros. is making a reteturn on May 28th. But they have gone and outdone themselves with two of the best roster additions they could have made.

No, not the Joker! Honestly, who cares when that dude shows up anymore? The Joker has been in everything from fighting games to Zanex pill bottles! However, this time we get some actually exciting cameos with Jason Vorhees from Friday, the 13th, and Agent Smith from The Matrix.

What was that?! *bushes rustling at 6 AM PT tomorrow*

— MultiVersus (@multiversus) May 22, 2024

It was completely unexpected and out there, with this being Smith’s first fighting game. See, that is cool, right? Although even the banana guard from Adventure Time is a nice addition, no one saw it coming.

I am not surprised when I see both Harley Quinn and Batman in a game to be followed up by The Joker. These character additions boost the roster up to a whopping 27!

Pretty good numbers, but do keep in mind that three of those are Batman-related and also have Reindog. You know Reindog, the epic multiverse original character everyone loves! Why do you look confused?

We have yet to see detailed gameplay from both Jason and Smith. But what we know for sure is that the boy is a unit!

Jason is defined as more of a hulking bruiser this time around. We have Friday, the 13th, Jason with the hockey mask, of course. Very few kids or even adults know the guy just wore a burlap sack for the first few movies.

You Can’t Scare Me With This

I just think of that one scene in the Matrix during the whole interrogation scene. Keanu did a great job, but Agent Smith really stole the movie whenever he was on screen.

Intimidating, smart, and cool as hell Agent Smith is also on the way to Multiversus. From what we can tell, Jason is the first to release on May 28th. But for Smith, we have even less information.

It may be possible for Agent Smith to be released shortly after Jason or even a month later.

Hopefully he pulls off some cool kung fu moves mid-match. Or perhaps even we get the whole clone thing happening with multiple Agent Smiths appearing on screen.

Also less exciting are the new currency forms arriving in the game. We have four this time around: perk, fighter, prestige, and gleamium.

Perk and fighter are used for fighters, of course. This is for unlocking them permanently as well as the rewards. Prestige and gleamium are used for cosmetics and fighter passes.

From what I remember from the original release, which was May moons ago, there were only two currency methods. But I can be wrong, of course, as there is no way of currently double-checking.

Hopefully they do not go full-blown EA on this and keep the freemium model somewhat respectable. Mainly, giving me both Smith and Jason for free would be nice. You can keep Joker, though. Because I have 20 other versions of him in other fighting games.

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