MPL PH Season 13 Week 2 Recap

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Reporting by Jerunia Fuertes & John Christian Deada

It is MPL Season! We were able to attend week 2 of MPL Season 13. Held once again at the Shooting Gallery Studios in Makati, the Mobile Legends Professional League Philippines (MPL PH) Season 13 will take place from March 15 to May 5

March 24 – closing the 2nd week of this MPL season, 3 matches were lined up, starting at 4pm. The first to butt heads for ultimate Mobile Legends Bang Bang glory are TNC PRO TEAM and ECHO E-SPORTS. The Orcas proved that they are still the team to look out for even when they introduce a different roster line up. ECHO sweeps the win from TNC ending in a 2-0 game. But TNC performance is nothing to sleep on; it was evident that they did not make it easy for ECHO. Armed with a new coach, former TNC roamer, Ben “Benthings” Maglaque promised in an interview that all his players will play this season. He will also continue to mix up the roles in the roster to discover more potential.

The 2nd Match is between MINANA EVOS and APBREN. This match made history in MPL when Gold Laner, Jan “Domeng” Delmundo included Layla in their lineup which has never been done in MPL history. With that move, every MLBB hero has been played at least once in the MPL Series. Though Coach Christan “Bitoy” Casten believes that this was a beneficial investment for the entire MINANA team strategy, as Layla is known to be a heavy hitter during late game, AP BREN still swept the win resulting in a 2-0 score. When asked in an interview what keeps AP BREN motivated to maintain their no lost streak,Coach Robert “Trebor” Sanchez attributes it to Coach Francis “Ducky” Glindro’s discipline and guidance. He also adds that his players have a natural drive to win.

The third and final match is between BLACKLIST INTERNATIONAL and OMEGA ESPORTS. It seems like that day was raining sweeps as Blacklist International, like the other teams before them, bested OMG by winning 2-0. With EXP laner Edward Dapadap’s laser focus on the goal being Blacklists’ key to winning. While a clash for the lord was on going, Edward notices that their minions are already pushing for the main tower. In a quick split decision making, he leaves the clash and joins the little trucks to tower lock his team’s victory. OMG’s Jungler John “H2wo” Salonga recalls in an interview that it was what they lacked. Quick decision making and commitment. Coach Ronnel Tan says that with H2wo’s recent return and Carlito RIBO Jr’s role switch, the team still needs more games to cement their team’s dynamics.

To wrap up the closing of MPL S13 week 2, AP BREN’s Roamer Rowgien “Owgwen” Unigo fondly talks about the business he has started with his family. Beaming, Owgen introduces “Owgwen’s Gaming Hub” which is located in Binangonan, Rizal. He says that his family has been very supportive in running the business and that he occasionally visits the computer shop to say hello to fans. When asked how is business so far, with a wide grin, Owgen replies that business is booming in the 1 month that it has been running. He also says that it is important for him that he has a business aside from being a pro player just to be responsible with his finances.

MPL Season 13 will take a break in lieu of Holy Week but the battle for Philippine MLBB supremacy will come back on April 5, 2024 at the Shooting Gallery Studios in Makati.

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