Moonlight Blade M open beta now live in Southeast Asia

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After announcing Hakken as the official ambassador, Moonlight Blade M has finally been released on open beta in Southeast Asia.

Specifically, the Moonlight Blade M open beta can now be played on Android and iOS in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines. While the game was released before in other Asian markets, VNGGames has finally begun the SEA open beta in the leadup to the official launch.

The game is describe by VNGGames as:

“Based on the half-century-old oriental literature masterpiece – The Magic Blade written by the late Gu Long, one the greatest Asian martial art novel authors, MOONLIGHT BLADE M has stirred up a phenomenon-level craze since its release, not only in China and South Korea but also in numerous other markets. Apart from topping multiple download charts, the game, which showcases diverse elements of exquisite oriental culture, also expands its crossover into various industries including fashion, music, and tourism. Since then, the game has collaborated with multiple world-class singers, including Taeyeon, Dimash Qudaibergen and Michael Wong, further strengthening its popularity worldwide!”

As this game features various oriental heroes, Moonlight Blade M promises to be a must-play for fans of games with Asian historical fantasy flair. Along with the game’s look which is inspired by ancient China, it also promises to deliver action-packed combat with lots of options for character personalization and interactions with other players.

You can download Moonlight Blade M now on the official website.

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