Minecraft Celebrates 15 Years of Crafting

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Whether you started crafting in the alpha days or joined later, For 15 years, players have been building captivating adventures and creating mind-blowing structures in the world of Minecraft,and now it’s time to celebrate Minecraft’s 15-year anniversary with the community!

Microsoft announced what they are doing for Minecraft’s big 15-year milestone and there’s still much more to come ! But let’s go over some of the highlights that have currently been released to celebrate the 15th anniversary:

If you’re new to Minecraft or simply just don’t have all the Dungeons DLC , Now’s the perfect time to dive into the dark dungeons with friends or take on piglins in epic battles. To start off the anniversary, Microsoft has discounted all Minecraft games until June 15 with up to 50% Savings during the Minecraft Anniversary Sale.

Free Party Supplies DLC Pack:

Now of course you can’t throw a party with party Supplies! From Party hats, cake , wrapped gifts, and celebratory confetti, you can celebrate the Anniversary festivities in-game with the 15 Year Party Supplies DLC pack which you can get for FREE.

15th Anniversary Merch Drop and Sale

Want to celebrate by wearing some cool new gear ? head on over to the Minecraft store for a special 15th Anniversary Merch drop and sale. Not only will New buyers get 10% for signing up for the email list to know about upcoming exclusive offers, but free shipping promos are also currently being offered.

Free Character Items

You can also head to the Minecraft Bedrock Marketplace every day till May 29th to get a free birthday-related character item. You can find out more about the items here

Engage with Twitch and Tiktok for Free Rewards

Untill May 31st ,Head on over to Twitch.tv and check out daily Minecraft streams right on the home page. Tune in to a stream for at least 15 minutes to earn the Purple Heart cape or donate a sub to a streamer during the celebration and get the Glitch Mask! 

If Tiktok is more your thing , Untill June 18th , you can earn a unique TikTok-themed cape for Bedrock Edition and a custom helmet profile frame for your TikTok profile photo.by watching a Minecraft Live for 3 minutes then typing the word Minecraft in chat. Keep an eye out for more Minecraft-themed fun on social media, including Instagram chat wallpapers, official sweepstakes, and more.

Both the Twitch and TikTok capes are available for Bedrock Edition now, and will be in Java Edition by July 8. Make sure you redeem your codes at Minecraft.net/redeem by the June 30 expiration date! For Full Details click here.

15 Year Journey Map:

Your invited to the Minecraft Museum , for a trip down memory lane in a free map by Oreville Studios. The doors to the Minecraft Museum are open and admission is free. Download the 15 Year Journey here.

Now for the most exciting announcement so far .. DRUM ROLL PLEASE !!!!

Microsoft will be creating a Minecraft time capsule, that will become part of the existing installation at the Microsoft Visitor Center in Redmond, WA and be unveiled this later this fall, but here’s a sneak peek at the design in the meantime: 

While some of it will be based on the community’s input, Microsoft will also be planning on sneaking in some top-secret items that they’ll only unveil in roughly 15 years, on the 30th anniversary. Stay tuned to Minecraft’s social media account for when community input will be open. More info on the Time Capsule can be found here.

There’s still a few more announcements up the team’s sleeve apparently , so keep a eye on Minecraft social’s for more announcements !

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