Halo: Combat Evolved is reportedly in the works for PlayStation 5

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Microsoft has been an interesting company to keep an eye on this year as it seems to be shifting its focus on its gaming division. Earlier in the year we learned about four exclusive Xbox games that came to PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. Surprisingly, the games were Pentiment, Grounded, Sea of Thieves, and Hi-Fi Rush and many Xbox fans have been worried about potentially seeing more games come to other platforms including Halo and Gears of War.

The Verge’s Tom Warren has reported Microsoft is developing some form of a Halo: Combat Evolved remaster that is being considered for its rival consoles. That would likely include PlayStation 5 and maybe even the Switch Successor down the road. Warren says he does not expect an announcement to be made during the Xbox Games Showcase, but the remaster is in early development.

This wouldn’t be the first remaster for the first Halo game. In 2011, 343 Industries released Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary which came to Xbox 360 and later found its way into the Halo: Master Chief Collection in 2014 for Xbox One. It is unknown if there will be new features for Halo: Combat Evolved on PlayStation 5, but this is for sure an interesting topic to keep an eye on.

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