Helldivers 2 sold 12 million copies across PC & PS5

Helldivers 2 from Arrowhead Studios has become the fastest-selling game for PlayStation ever as it sold 12 million units across PC and PS5 in its first 12 weeks. The third-person shooter has beaten the record held by God of War Ragnarok which sold 11 million units in 10 weeks over a year ago.

This information comes from the latest financial results from Sony when it revealed its PlayStation 5 console sales reached 59 million.

It was a dramatic weekend for Helldivers 2 a few weeks ago when Sony decided to make PC players link a PSN account to play there. After thousands of negative reviews on Steam, Sony reversed its decision by listening to the players and no longer making them link a PSN account while playing on Steam.

helldivers 2 12 million sales

PC Helps Helldivers 2 Sales

While Helldivers 2 is available on PlayStation 5, a lot of its success is largely due to it being available on PC. It shouldn’t be a surprise if most of the game’s sales came from PC which is still a great sign for PlayStation moving forward when more of its games come to the popular platform.

Source: VGC

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