What year does the Fallout TV show take place?

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What year does the Fallout TV show take place?
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Question of the day: What year does the Fallout TV show take place? It is a question that became popular after the Fallout TV show aired. With its gripping storyline and immersive world-building, viewers couldn’t help but wonder about the exact timeline of the series.

What year does the Fallout TV show take place? The timeline explained

The Fallout TV show, set in the year 2296, is the latest addition to the Fallout series, diving into the aftermath of nuclear war. To understand its place in the timeline, let’s take a step back and explore the series’ history.

It all starts with the Great War of 2077, a devastating conflict that plunged the world into chaos. Survivors sought refuge in Vaults or struggled to survive in the harsh wastelands. The Fallout games follow different characters at various points in this timeline.

Fallout 76 kicks things off in 2102, showcasing early survival struggles in West Virginia. Then, Fallout 1 takes us to 2161, introducing us to the post-nuclear world as the Vault Dweller.

In Fallout 2, set in 2241, players face new challenges in saving their village from danger. Fallout 3 follows in 2277, as the Lone Wanderer explores the ruins of Washington, D.C.

Next, Fallout: New Vegas in 2281 invites players to navigate the Mojave Wasteland’s factions and politics. Fallout 4, set in 2287, follows the Sole Survivor’s quest in post-apocalyptic Boston.

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Finally, the Fallout TV show brings us to 2296, offering fresh stories of survival and adventure in the Wasteland.

In simple terms, the Fallout TV show fits into the series’ timeline as the latest chapter in the ongoing saga of life after nuclear war. Get ready to dive into a world filled with danger, mystery, and the resilience of humanity.

Is the Fallout TV show canon?

Yes, the Fallout TV show is indeed considered canon to the games. This confirmation comes directly from Bethesda’s Todd Howard, who serves as an executive producer for the series. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Howard emphasized that the events depicted in the show are viewed as canon within the Fallout universe.

What year does the Fallout TV show take place? Set in 2296, it adds fresh adventures to the Fallout universe. Explore the timeline now!

The show, set in the year 2296, continues the storyline established in earlier titles and features familiar factions such as the Brotherhood of Steel. Co-showrunner Graham Wagner explained that the decision to create a new story rather than adapt one of the earlier games was based on the desire to build upon the rich history and creativity of the Fallout franchise.

Executive producer Jonathan Nolan likened the TV show’s relationship to the games to that of a new installment, stating that it’s “almost” like Fallout 5. Additionally, co-showrunner Geneva Robertson-Dworet highlighted that the only strict rule given by Todd Howard was to avoid contradicting the major endings of the games, ensuring consistency within the Fallout lore.

With such strong affirmation from key figures involved in both the games and the TV show, fans can rest assured that the Fallout TV series is as canon as it gets. So, prepare to immerse yourself in the captivating world of Fallout as the show unfolds on Prime Video.

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