What is the Valorant Rank Distribution?

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What is the Valorant Rank Distribution?
Jose Maria Serna

Have you ever wondered how many people are sharing the same rank where you are? Understanding the Valorant rank distribution can be crucial for players looking to climb the competitive ladder.

This article delves into the rank distribution in Valorant and tips for those stuck in a rank.

Why is important to understand Valorant Rank Distribution?

Valorant’s competitive scene is a ladder with several steps. From Iron to Radiant, each rank represents a player’s skill level.

Understanding the rank distribution in Valorant is crucial for players aiming to climb the competitive ladder for several reasons:

  1. Setting Realistic Goals: Knowing the distribution helps you set realistic and achievable goals. For example, if you’re currently in Silver, understanding that a certain percentage of players are in Gold or Platinum can motivate you to reach the next tier.
  2. Comparing Performance: It allows you to compare your performance against the player base. If you’re in the top percentage of a rank, you know you’re doing well and are close to moving up to the next rank.
  3. Understanding Matchmaking: Valorant rank distribution informs you about the matchmaking pool. If you’re in a less populated rank, you might face longer queue times or more varied skill matchups.
  4. Motivation and Satisfaction: Climbing through the ranks and seeing how your rank compares to the rest of the players can be a source of motivation and satisfaction, driving you to improve and compete at higher levels.
valorant rank distribution

Valorant Rank Distribution


  • Iron: 7.5%
  • Bronze: 17.5%
  • Silver: 22.5%
  • Gold: 22.2%
  • Platinum: 15.7%
  • Diamond: 9.6%
  • Ascendant: 4%
  • Immortal: 0.8%
  • Radiant: 0.03%

The rank distribution in Valorant reflects a typical pyramid structure, with the largest player base concentrated in the middle ranks, from Silver to Gold, which together account for nearly 45% of all players.

This is indicative of a healthy competitive environment where the majority of players find themselves in a challenging yet achievable progression range.

As the ranks progress towards Diamond and beyond, the percentage of players decreases significantly, highlighting the increasing difficulty and skill required to advance. The top ranks, Ascendant to Radiant, comprise less than 5% of the player base, showcasing the exclusivity and prestige associated with these higher ranks.

The extremely low percentage of players in Radiant, at just 0.03%, underscores the elite status of this rank, reserved for the best of the best. It represents an impossible goal for many, representing the very elite of competitive Valorant play.

Breaking Through the Hardstuck Barrier

Feeling hardstuck? You’re not alone. Many players are in the same position. To break through, focus on improving gameplay, study strategies, and play consistently.

Some tips to leave your actual rank:

  1. Self-Analysis: Take the time to review your past matches. This could involve positioning, aim, or decision-making during crucial moments.
  2. Mindset Adjustment: A positive mindset can greatly influence your performance. Avoid tilting and stay focused on improving rather than winning every single game.
  3. Role Flexibility: Be willing to adapt to the team’s needs. If you’re a one-trick player, learning to play other agents effectively can increase your chances of winning matches.
valorant rank distribution


In conclusion, understanding this distribution is key for players who aspire to climb the ranks. Climbing is not just about personal improvement but also about surpassing a significant portion of the community with each new rank achieved.

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