What do Armadillos Eat in Minecraft?

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What do Armadillos Eat in Minecraft?
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The world of Minecraft has recently introduced armadillos, which are fascinating creatures. In this article, we will explore what do armadillos eat in Minecraft, their behavior, and some fun facts about these unique animals.

Armadillos add a new layer of excitement to the game, and understanding their diet and habits can enhance your gameplay experience.

What do Armadillos Eat in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, armadillos have a specific diet that players need to be aware of. So, what do armadillos eat in Minecraft?

In various biomes within the game, you can find armadillos, and you can primarily feed them with spider eyes. Players can attract armadillos by placing insects near them, making it easier to tame and interact with these creatures.

How to Find Armadillos in Minecraft

You can find armadillos in specific biomes, such as deserts and savannas. These biomes provide the ideal environment for armadillos to thrive.

When exploring these areas, keep an eye out for armadillos roaming around. They are usually seen foraging for food, making them relatively easy to spot.

Fun Facts About Armadillos in Minecraft

  1. Unique Behavior: Armadillos in Minecraft exhibit unique behaviors that make them stand out from other animals. They are known for their ability to roll into a ball when threatened, providing a fun and realistic touch to the game.
  2. Taming Armadillos: Players can’t tame Armadillos in the same way that Minecraft’s new wolf varieties, cats, parrots, or horses can, at least. However, they can be farmed, like many other passive Minecraft mobs like cows, chickens, and sheep.
  3. Breeding Armadillos: To breed armadillos, players need to feed two tamed armadillos with spider eyes. After a short period, a baby armadillo will be born, adding to the player’s collection of pets.
  4. Armadillo Armor: One of the most exciting features of armadillos in Minecraft is the ability to craft armadillo armor. This armor provides players with additional protection and can be crafted using armadillo shells, which are dropped when an armadillo is defeated.
What do Armadillos Eat in Minecraft
What do Armadillos Eat in Minecraft

What Do Armadillos Eat in Minecraft: In-Depth Look

To better understand what do armadillos eat in Minecraft, it’s essential to know the types of insects they prefer. Armadillos love spider eyes. These spider eyes can be found in various locations within the game, in caves, and outside, spawning more at night, making it relatively easy for players to gather food for their armadillos.

Tips for Interacting with Armadillos

  1. Approach Slowly: Armadillos can be skittish, so it’s essential to approach them slowly to avoid scaring them away.
  2. Use Insects as Bait: Placing spider eyes near armadillos can help attract them, making it easier to tame and interact with these creatures.
  3. Provide a Safe Environment: Ensure that the area around your armadillo is free from hostile mobs to keep them safe and happy.
What do Armadillos Eat in Minecraft


Armadillos are a fantastic addition to Minecraft, offering players new challenges and opportunities for interaction. By understanding what do armadillos eat in Minecraft and their unique behaviors, players can enhance their gameplay experience and enjoy the company of these fascinating creatures.

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