Valve Moba Deadlock Leaked Beta Gameplay

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Valve Moba Deadlock Leaked Beta Gameplay
Samuel Brickell

Heads up! New Valve Moba Deadlock leaked gameplay footage dropped on X!

Gameplay for Valve’s upcoming 6v6 3rd person Moba has hit the airwaves.

But does it look any good, and have they forgotten that TF2 and Dota are a thing?

Valve Moba Deadlock Leaked Beta Footage

Deadlock, formerly Neon Prime, had some early beta footage leaked on Twitter/X today.

The gameplay showcases a tutrotial sandbox mode and all 19+ heroes currently in the game!

Valve Moba Deadlock Leaked
Valve Moba Deadlock Leaked

Also, we can make out three game modes already in the beta, which are within the Learn to Play section. We have Get Started, which appears to be a run-of-the mill first-time tournament, hero training for specific champ tryouts, and Lane training for full game experience.

Gameplay of Valve’s upcoming 6v6 4-Lane 3rd-Person Shooter MOBA—

“Deadlock,” formerly “Neon Prime.”

19+ heroes are currently playable in the Closed BETA.

— PlayerIGN (@PlayerIGN) May 22, 2024

Unfortunately, we only got to see Hero Training with the robot butler hero. But the guy recording did not scroll over his icon, so we have no name as of now. However, for the other characters adjacent, we got to see their full names and details.

We got to see heroes like Vindicta, who appears to be the widowmaker, in the Sniper character. Ok, let’s be real, shes the Team Fortress 2 Sniper standing in. That’s what Widowmaker is, and that’s what they all are!

TF2 invented the genre for Christ’s sake. It’s not an Overwatch clone just because they have Moba moves inserted.

But rant aside, we do have some interesting characters in the lineup. If there is one thing Vavle gets right and understands, it is its design consistency. Or at least you bring loot box hats into the mix.

The characters here all seem to fit some late steam punk/noir vibe with the likes of mechanical humanoids and late Victorian-looking humans. We also have some more fantasy-based characters involved, like a little Imp and an ice demon dude.

What Is Deadlock

From the footage, it looks like a possible contender to Smite and Overwatch.

Obviously, we got the heroes, the shooting, and the whole unique moves thing going on. But the game is in the third person and within a Moba setting involving lanes and 6v6.

So this may seem cool and all, but why exactly is Valve making this when they have one of the most popular Mobas on the planet still going and Team Fortress 2?

Perhaps they said screw it and jumped the bot-infested ship that is TF2 lobbys. But seriously, this game appears to be just set to go into competition with itself.

It may make a great alternative to Overwatch 2, but I would argue staring at a dry wall does too. Maybe they just want to take down an easy target.

This is leagues better than some trading card games like Artifact, at least. But it’s not exactly rocking my world to see yet another Moba Hero shooter hit the waves.

However, hearing that Valve is making anything is honestly enough to wake me from my slumber. Hopefully we can see more footage soon and get our hands on a beta or something.

Imagine if Valve just dropped a fighter or something now; that would be something! Sign me up, Gabe. Im ready!

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