UNO Party! Mania DLC out now on consoles and PC

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Mattel and Ubisoft recently announced that the new UNO Party! Mania DLC is available now on consoles and PC, adding a range of extra action cards along with all-new special rules.

This new DLC for Mattel and Ubisoft’s UNO game adds three new action cards: the Point Taken card, Wild Drawn Together card, and Wild Pile Up card. Here’s a rundown of how the three cards work:

  • Point Taken – asks all players to virtually point at one other player. Each player must then draw as many cards as there are players pointing at them. This means the more people point at you, the more cards you have to draw.
  • Wild Drawn Together – when this card is pulled, the player who got it chooses a new color to play and picks two other players to be linked temporarily. When one linked player draws a card, the other linked player must also draw the same mount. This will remain intact until another Wild Drawn Together or a Point Taken card is pulled.
  • Wild Pile Up – this card creates a mini-pile starting with the first card from the main draw pile. The next player must then play a card of the same color to pass on the mini-pile to the next player. This will go on until a player can’t play a card, and they will then get the entire mini-pile transferred to their hand.

Along with the new DLC, Ubisoft will also launch two new editions of UNO. First is the UNO Legacy Edition which comes with the full main game, the Party! Mania, FLIP!, and 50th Anniversary DLCs.

Then, there’s the UNO Ultimate Edition which comes with the main game along with six DLCs: Party! Mania, FLIP!, 50th Anniversary, Valhalla, The Call of Yara, Fenyx’s Quest, themed cards featuring Just Dance 2017, Rayman, and more.

The UNO Party! Mania DLC is available now on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.

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