Top Scary Roblox Games To Play With Friends

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Top Scary Roblox Games To Play With Friends
Samuel Brickell

Been looking for more scary Roblox games to play with friends?

Although the demographic is usually thought to be lower, Roblox has its fair share of fun online horror.

But let’s take a look at the ones that are worthwhile and also fun with friends online.

Scary Roblox Games to Play with Friends

Much like Garry’s Mod, much of Roblox’s entertainment comes from user-created content. And just like Garry’s Mod, some of the fun you are going to have is with online horror maps. Why online, you may ask? That is not very scary.

Because, much like walking through the woods at night, it is much more fun with friends. Plus, it’s more socially acceptable and less likely to get you landed on a list!

Before Truth

Firstly, we have the go-to, which is Before Truth. 

This is a set-piece online horror experience that you and up to three other friends can play. Developed by Eagle Studios before, Truth has players explore a spooky mansion with a lot of history and potential scares.

This one is more set piece-based, but a lot of fun and contains a lot of puzzles. It feels like the type of resident evil puzzle you would have to solve back in the day, but with friends, it’s a lot more fun and quicker to solve.

There are a few jump scares given their nature, but I am certain you can handle Roblox jump scares.

A very solid experience and a decent amount of content to get through. Definitely worth checking out, or at the very least the first chapter.

True Backrooms

The True Backrooms allow up to six players this time to get in on the fun. First off, did you like the whole backrooms meme from a year ago? Also, are you down for being chased?

If so, then the true backroom is the experience for you. Based on the popular creepypasta that is still lurking about, this game has players run through liminal corridors all while collecting keys and being chased by monsters.

It’s less choreographed than the first option, but it allows for some dynamic gameplay. It’s not ground-breaking by any means. But the developers behind it have put in a lot of effort to make up their own monsters and varied levels.

The sound design is nice, and the gameplay is simple and fun. If the whole backroom thing is overplayed for you, then fair enough, but if you still find the whole empty mall and long corridor thing spooky, then this is perfect for you and your friends.

The Mimic

Last but not least, by Lngshot, is The Mimic.

This one here is a Japanese-experimented horror experience for up to six friends online. Here, you will be tasked with exploring locations such as schools and temples, all while dealing with lurkers inspired by Japanese folklore.

The most famous being the tall smiling lady, or Takaonna. She is possibly one of the most famous yokai known in the West for both good and devious reasons. But here she is modeled to great effect and can give players a few jumps.

The levels are a bit more maze-like this time around, but the art design and detail are really top-notch. If there is one thing Japan knows, it is horror.

For those interested, check out these experiences and check out Noroih on YouTube!

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