Three Tracks of Time Trial Bliss in Phantom Spark Demo

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It’s generally accepted wisdom that “fun size” is the least fun size of all. It’s small, a couple bites and you’re done, and who wants that? When you’re a teenager with a growing appetite and hyperactive metabolism, sure, fun size isn’t going to cut it, and then the years fly by and what had been normal no longer is. A large soda is way too much sugar water, a giant steak is a couple of meals instead of one, and fun size is the right size for a snack. Or maybe two of them, I’m not the snack police. The point is that small is good, small is approachable, and while epic consumption can still be fun it’s best saved for special occasions. Phantom Spark is a big bag of fun-sized race courses, and while the demo only features three of them they couldn’t be more satisfying.

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