The Ambitious UFO 50 Finally Resurfaces With a Release Date

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Developer Derek Yu cemented his statues as an indie gaming legend when he first released Spelunky as Mossmouth in 2008. His follow-up project would be UFO 50, an ambitious collection of fifty different retro games. but somewhere along the way, it seems to have disappeared. The last time we saw it, it was…well, this writer wants to say PAX 2018 at the latest. Since then, things seem to have gone quiet, even as Mossmouth put out Spelunky 2, until UFO 50 made a surprise re-emergence at tonight’s Day of the Devs showcase…well, it wasn’t a surprise to those who live in the UK, as it was the cover story in last month’s issue of Edge. Or if you paid attention to Derek’s Twitter account, where you’d see him explicitly say that the game would be in the showcase. Look, it was a surprise to this writer, okay? Besides, Derek did indeed have one surprise in store: A release date for UFO 50!

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