Tensions on the Highroad Guide

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Tension runs high on the highroad.

Key Takeaways

  • Escort Ser Augustin’s Oxcart back to Vermund.
  • Choose between Raghnall or Queen’s Soldiers after Oxcart is stopped.
  • Pursue Raghnall and help him in Guerco Cavern to finish the quest.

Tensions on the Highroad” is a side quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2. While in Vernworth, a guard named Simon will approach you and ask that you help protect Ser Augustin’s Oxcart while it’s on the way back to Vermund.

Escort the Oxcart

After you get your task from Simon, you have to make your way back to the Checkpoint Rest Town via Oxcart to meet with Ser Augustin for further escort. Once you are at the Oxcart, you’ll be met with a brief scene with some dialogue from Simon. Simon will now task you with making sure that no one approaches to hinder the protection operation. After Simon speaks to you, the protection detail will automatically start, and you’ll be transported to the next stage of the quest.

Here you will be met with another dialogue after the Oxcart has been stopped. If you’ve been to Battahl, you might recognize the man that stopped the Oxcart from an earlier interaction. Raghnall will insist on being the one to escort Augustin from this point on and Simon will not allow it. Raghnall offers you a warning before you must choose a side for the confrontation. Raghnall or the Soldiers of the Queen. Either side you choose will result in the same outcome, so go with your gut here.

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Pursue Raghnall

After the fight, you’ll get a scene where Raghnall runs away with Augustin in tow. You’ll need to pursue him in order to find the truth about what’s really been going on during this quest. Be mindful of the area Raghnall is running through. Goblins are hiding in the tall grass and waiting to ambush any who pass by. Keep following the path until you reach Guerco Cavern, enter the cave for the next portion of the quest to begin.

Find a Way Out

After you enter the cave, you’ll end up falling through the bottom of a bridge within the cave and your pawns cannot follow you. Follow the new path before you and you’ll run into Raghnall once again. Help him with the monsters, and he will explain that the same thing had happened to him, but he made sure that Augustin didn’t join him when falling. Continue the path to exit the cave and defeat what is left of the monsters at the end in order to finish the quest.

Quest Rewards

You will be rewarded with 12,000 gold for helping Augustin.

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