Tekken 8 Lidia Release Date

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Tekken 8 Lidia Release Date
Samuel Brickell

I have been wondering when exactly the upcoming Lidia release date is.

The Polish prime minister is set to make it to the roster this summer for Tekken 8.

But when exactly is it, and what else is in store?

Lidia Release Date

June 30th. There you go. You can wait around for an explanation if you want, but there it is. If I am right, then get ready to pick up the phone!

But why June 30th, you may ask? Well, we know Lidia was slotted for this summer, given her announcement trailer. We also have the dates for the Mixup and Evo 2024 tournaments.

The smart move for Capcom would be to release her sometime, not too close to a sequel. Because this angers pro players a bunch, dropping a fresh patch or fighter before one.

So the obvious move would be to drop her either sometime before or after the big hitters. With CEO 2024 running from June 28th to 30th, this gives them the perfect opportunity to drop her and a ton of other features.

See Mixup is 2 weeks later, on July 13th, and Evo is July 19th. Therefore, drop her just at the end of CEO and give everyone two weeks to dismiss her! Beats dropping something like Leroy two days before Evo, thats for sure.

Along with her, I would expect they to drop the new beach stage and photo mode. Also, we have the story mode for Eddy still waiting in the wing. Bandai Namco may want to burst this out all at once to create some hype for the upcoming tournaments.

However, this is Bandai Namco we are talking about. For every good step, we take a quick sidestep into a homing grab. They could drop her sometime just after the mixer gave them only a few days to wine and dine with her.

These are the same people who added the Tekken shop and Prowess system.

I Stand With Her

I am going to be honest here. She is not a by-go favorite character. But do not get me wrong; she is not terrible by any means. Her design is alright, and the Prime Minister of Poland thing is fun enough.

I think her playstyle in Tekken 7 was just a bit bland for me. However, maybe Tekken 8 will spice her up enough come her release date to get me back in her GI. Honestly, I just want the damn beach stage to turn up now.

Looking at it, though, it seems to be a boxed-in ring akin to City Centre. Its no Tekken 4 Kietch, thats for sure. Also, the water does not splash out far enough to submerge fighters, even a little.

It’s not a deal-breaker but I am a sucker for beach stages that let the waves hit characters. Theres something in my brain that digs the aesthetic; maybe I just have that scene of Rocky running on the beach stuck in my head.

But I also think it can help show off how impressively Tekken has progressed since 7. We do not have many rainy or wet stages in Tekken 8. You got the Jun map and the one bit in Jin’s mind with some water splashing about, but nothing like Tekken 7’s Dragon Pit. There is the finial summit, i suppose for rain, but thats it. Very picky, but give us a beach stage where I can throw someone into the sea.

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