Tape to Tape Is The Break We Need From Traditional Hockey Games

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PAX EAST concluded several weeks ago and there were a number of indie games featured at the event including Tape to Tape from Excellent Rectangle and Null Games. This is a roguelite hockey game where every choice matters on your journey to build the best hockey team. Tape to Tape might be the break we need from the traditional NHL games we have gotten over the years. 

The hockey game from Excellent Rectangle comes with cartoon-like graphics for its characters and setting, but the ice looks better than ever. I was really impressed with how the game looked in action whether playing in custom matches or doing the story mode that Tape to Tape offers. 

In the story mode, you’ll be able to choose your own path and that would be choosing which team to play against. Depending on which team you decide to compete against, they will come with superstar players that have unique abilities compared to yours. You can have abilities such as a grappling hook or a tornado move that resembles an enhanced spin-o-rama we’ve seen in actual hockey games. 

Playing quick play was fun and helped me learn the game’s unique abilities and controls. There is no skill stick in Tape to Tape and it’s an actual arcade hockey game where using buttons to shoot goals and hit others is all you need to know. It definitely takes some time getting used to but Tape to Tape brings back some memories of the NHL Hitz games back in 2002 and 2003. Keep in mind, that the period lengths are quite short, but you should be able to customize it in the game’s settings. 

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Tape to Tape also comes with wacky comedy within its superstar’s names and the teams that have references to current NHL franchises and some of its players. Excellent Rectangle isn’t close to finished with this game as it enters Early Access on May 3rd and they have an entire roadmap of features they want to add such as a Draft mode. 

Currently, Tape to Tape is only planned to be released on PC via Steam. This is just one of many games published by Null Games as they are also involved with Streetdog BMX

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